There's a Horizon Forbidden West PS5 console Prime Day bundle — with a huge catch

Horizon Forbidden West Varl Aloy
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Sony's current-generation gaming hardware isn't impossible to buy like it used to be, but stock remains low and it's still very difficult to get your hands on a new console. Thankfully, Amazon has a bundle for Prime Day, which means you can get a PS5 and Horizon Forbidden West together for $550. So what's the catch? 

Unfortunately, this bundle isn't available to just click and purchase. Instead, it's available by invitation. You'll need to request an invite, but Amazon notes that not everyone who requests access will get in. This is in line with how Amazon is handling PS5 restocks, taking some consoles and giving them to players that have previously registered, cutting down on the number of consoles that get grabbed by scalpers and bots.

Sign up and cross your fingers

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle: $550 at Amazon

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$550 at Amazon

If you're selected, you'll want to grab this bundle. The PS5 is a massive leap up in technology over the PS4. Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West gives players a new adventure with Aloy, heading after a mysterious signal and facing down new threats. 

In our review of Horizon Forbidden West, we noted that it's "the pinnacle of what a good sequel should be. Not only does it challenge players' beliefs about the world, but it delivers a poignant story and engaging combat to boot. Throw in its gorgeous world, and it's easy to fall in love with."

If you're selected, this isn't a deal you'll want to pass by. You'll not only get a PS5, which is far more advanced than its predecessor, but you'll also be getting one of the best PS5 games available for purchase right now. 

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