Beat Saber update adds new mechanics and six more songs for free

Beat Saber
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What you need to know

  • Beat Saber received a free update today with two new mechanics and six new songs.
  • The two mechanics are Arcs, which guide players into new notes, and the new Chains block type.
  • Six new songs as part of the game's fifth original soundtrack have been added and are Content ID free.

The musical VR slashing game Beat Saber received an update today that adds six new songs for free and two game mechanics that changes the flow of those songs from previous ones.

The 1.20.0 update for the Quest 2 title and other VR headsets offers two new gameplay features that switches up the rhythm of new songs. The first is called Arcs and serve as guides from one note to the next. According to Beat Games lead level creator Josh “Freeek” Joynes, an example of Arcs would be a long held guitar strum where players can hold a note and keep the sound until the note ends.

The other mechanic is the new Chain block, teased earlier this year, which are several smaller notes to be hit in quick succession. An example of a Chain would be drum flams or super quick triplets, and Joynes said the new block has been planned or worked on since September 2018.

The update also adds the game's fifth original soundtrack, or OST 5, since its official launch in 2019. The soundtrack includes six songs from artists that have contributed to the game in the past, and all the songs are Content ID free for streamers or creators to showcase without any issues. The full list of songs in the update:

  • $1.78 by Schwank
  • Curtains (All Night Long) by EEWK
  • Final-Boss-Chan by Camellia
  • Firestarter by Tanger
  • I Wanna Be A Machine by The Living Tombstone
  • Magic by Jaroslav Beck feat. Meredith Bull

Beat Saber has continued to be supported with free updates and new songs since released for Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and other headsets. Its ongoing support is one of the main reasons its sits highly on our list of the best Quest 2 games.

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