Galaxy S8 red tint fix is now rolling out to T-Mobile customers

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review
Samsung Galaxy S8 Review (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung is now rolling out the OTA update to fix the Galaxy S8 and S8+ red tint issue for T-Mobile customers. The South Korean manufacturer said last week that it would issue an update to automatically fix color calibration of the Galaxy S8 after a few users reported that their devices had a red tint on their displays.

After rolling out the OTA in South Korea, India and Europe, Samsung is now bringing the update to the U.S., starting with T-Mobile customers. If you're using the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S8 or S8+, head into your phone's settings to manually initiate the download.

T-Mobile users, are you facing any display issues on your S8/S8+ after installing the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Didn't have issues before or after update.
  • Same here
  • Never had the red tint problem.. But wish they would fix the issue of random freezes and reboots 😢
  • Are you serious? Well, all new phones have some issues but you can't be serious.
  • Mine hasn't frozen or rebooted once since I've got it. If yours is locking up that much, either you have crap apps or you have a defective model.
  • Yeah ive sold doezens of these things and have no heard about this issue.
  • Factory reset your phone and don't copy your apps and their data from your old phone. Download the apps manually.
  • I had a very slight red hue coming from the top of the display, which I was able to get rid of by lowering the red. Now after the update the red hue is still there, but there's more options to edit the color balance even more.
  • No problems before or after the update
  • Only problem before was WiFi disconnections. We'll see if this update also had anything to do with that.
  • I had that issue but it ended up being my router because none of my devices would stay connected. A simple network reset did the trick for me.
  • WiFi has been rock solid for me, way faster than the S7 edge on the same network. Maybe you got a dud?
  • I had the red tint issue previously. I turned down the red in the calibration and it significantly lowered the amount of red on the screen. Though I've always has the issue where the red tint would stay around the edges. It looks like after turning EVERYTHING down, including the "screen edge color balance", I still notice a slight red tint along the left edge of the display. Not that it bothers me though.
  • It should bother you, 800 bucks.
  • I updated this morning. However, I had no issues with my S8+ prior.
  • I updated this morning. I had no issues before and have not noticed any differences.
  • eagerly awaiting this update (on Verizon)! i've had red tint around all 4 edges of my S8+ display since day 1. also on the fence as to whether this will actually fix it, or is it a hardware issue and i'll need to exchange this thing still?
  • I had no issues before or after update. But it does reboot by itself every now then.
  • I'm pretty sure is a hardware problem. It has to do with the phone's motherboard or something like that. Take it to the store for a replacement. I've had that issue in other Samsung phones.
  • The update did nothing. For the first time, I'm going to exchange a Samsung phone. The pink is very bothersome.