Galaxy S8 has a frustrating Bluetooth problem, but a fix is on the way

The Galaxy S8, like any popular phone, has its share of problems. While its most visible issue, a red tint on some of its SuperAMOLED displays, has been dealt with in a widely-released software update, another chorus of people are making noise about a less publicized issue: Bluetooth instability.

According to a number of forum posts, both on Samsung's official forums and here at Android Central, some Galaxy S8 owners are having a difficult time maintaining a smooth connection to their Bluetooth speakers, head units and headphones.

In fact, one forum member is considering going back to his old phone because of the problem:

I have enjoyed many things abouty S8+ so far, but one issue has been plaguing me and many others since day one - Bluetooth connectivity. I am often facing disconnects with my Gear S3, something that was never an issue on multiple S7 Edge devices or my Note devices. Also, the S8+ almost never automatically reconnects to my vehicle Bluetooth for music steaming, further contributing to an...


People in the official Samsung forums are having similar problems{.nofollow}, and are working with someone on the moderating team to get an ETA on a fix, but no one from Samsung has been forthcoming (we reached out to Samsung but haven't heard back. Will update when we do).

Plenty of Bluetooth issues here as well with the S8 Plus. My Gear S3 Classic randomly loses connection. Definitely a phone problem as the same Gear S3 has no issues with my S7 Edge or even my iPhone. Also, Bluetooth connection in the car for media playback is unstable. It either refuses to connect, or sometimes drop out. AgaIn, no such issues with the S7 Edge or iPhone. Hardware is not faulty. Clearly a software/firmware problem. Samsung needs to step up and address this issue urgently.

The good news is that Samsung reportedly has a fix in the works. An update that purports to fix "Bluetooth connectivity and stability" has begun rolling out to Galaxy S8 customers in the United Arab Emirates, and it should hit other, larger markets in the coming weeks.

Are you experiencing Bluetooth issues with your Galaxy S8?

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Daniel Bader

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