Galaxy Nexus press photos extracted from Verizon website

Press images of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Verizon branding have been found in the source of the coming soon page on Verizon's website.  Things look very similar to the current GSM Galaxy Nexus, (check out our review) and chances are without them side by side one would never be able to tell if it weren't for the Verizon 4G logo on the back.  Before anyone gets too excited, there's no new rumored released date attached to this post.  The files were embedded in the resources of a Flash animation, and Ytram from AndroidForums dug them out. 

I do have to mention that these are fairly new.  Several weeks ago there was only the front face images stored there (we might have checked ourselves).  What that all means about any upcoming release is left for you all to guess, as I'm out of clues and stamina.  All we know is that it's coming.  In the meantime, hit the break to see the rest of the pictures.

Source: AndroidForums, via Android Central forums

Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus

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  • It is really ridiculous that there is no info on Google flagship on US's largest carrier.
  • F verizon man.......
  • Im tired of these posts, Verizon and Google screwed this release up... One thing about Apple is they have the carriers by the nut sack.. lol Thats one thing Google needs to do.. Strong arm these carriers... You should never announce something and then have it released waaaaaaaaay after the announcement. Your product looses steam and then people like us see the next big thing coming out.. SMH
  • Google need to pimp-slap Verizon for this madness
  • Yeh dem foos need to pimpslap dem mofos..... *sigh*
  • That pisses me off that they removed the Google logo on the battery cover to put the stupid Verizon one. Why did Google let verizon taint the Nexus line!!??
  • For the love of God, it's only a logo.... You may even be able to buy a replacement battery cover to get rid of it....
  • Its not about what is says on the battery cover its the principal of the matter that the Nexus line is suppose to be untouched by the carriers and its a huge surprise (sarcasm intended) that the most greedy carrier on the planet molested the nexus line... Screw you Verizon... and watch out it probably is the first nexus to have Carrier IQ on it too...
  • I have great news for you. There is no law requiring you to ever buy a phone from Verizon or use their service.
  • Never have, never will
  • So it has to be asked....why are you here?
    If you aren't planning on buying a Nexus on VZW why do you bother to post this BS?
  • This whole release thing reminds me of the Bionic release.
  • I agree, and it is making my wonder what blot-ware will be included in this version of the Galaxy Nexus. I was really anticipating switching to Verizon for this phone. I will probably hold what I got and wait for the price to drop on the GSM version.
  • Waiting is Probably a wise move. Verizon users don't realize what a huge inconvenience having no data while on a call can be. It took me all of 3 minutes to run into this problem on a borrowed CDMA phone. Wife: Ok, I'll come pick you up.
    Me: Just a minute I'd send you a google map pointer, wait, ah-crap, let me call you back.
  • Except this is an LTE phone that supports S-V/ moot point is moot.
  • You need to educate yourself on LTE.
  • I wonder if a replacement battery cover will be available, in the same color scheme, with just the Google logo? I'd buy one.
  • I hope the GSM Galaxy Nexus' cover fits on this one, someone may just import a bunch and start selling them.
  • Very simple. Carriers subsidize the cost of the phones so they get to slap their logos on them. I'm quite sure all of this gets hashed out between the carrier and Google during the initial planning stages for any device. It's the nature of the beast in business I'm afraid. I believe the purity of the Nexus line is that it isn't extensively modified by the carriers (e.g. filled with bloatware).
  • Carriers do not subsidize anything. You, the consumer pay for the entire cost of the phone, with interest, and you continue to pay the same rate after the phone is completely paid for. News Flash: Banks don't subsidize the cost of cars or house either. Learn basic economics.
  • You mean paying your phone bill that you would have paid even if you bought the phone off contract? Really? These devices are sold on contract at a reduced price point, you don't pay extra for that... I'm noeconomist, butthat sounds pretty subsidized to me.
  • What I believe icebike is trying to point out is that because the phone is subsidized part of your 2-year contract is gradual payment for the phone. Because of the number of customers VZW has, that total monthly bill you are paying pays off your phone quickly, say 11 months. Well that means that you are paying another 13 months with the same bill, possibility for it to increase due to overages or just VZW being an a** and that money that paid for your phone in the previous bills now goes straight into VZW's money grubbing pocket(MGP). Now if you buy a phone off contract, unless you do a prepaid-plan (Which is basically the same thing except you don't HAVE to pay next month) you are paying that "subsidization" cost with every bill you pay and it just goes into the MGP, even though you already paid for your phone upfront.
  • You do realize that Google gets a percentage of your monthly payment to Verizon right? I thought that you thought that Google gets their "real" money from the price tag on the device itself. lol Verizon can sell the device at whatever price they choose. Google gets a percentage of your payments to Verizon in return to cover the gap. Read their contracts, you will have a better understanding of their deal. Oh wait...You cannot read their contracts, You're not me. lol
  • beautiful device on a beautiful 4G network.....only thing not beautiful is the release date....
  • Wow! Who cares what it says on back so long as the phone works as required. If a name upsets people so much, what's going to happen when they find out it has 'blur?' I find it hilarious that the name Verizon raises blood pressures and people throw fits. Funniest thing I have seen in weeks....
  • Huh? Your post makes no sense. Why would a Samsung made phone have Motoblur (Motorola's software) on it?
  • Caught me. Should have said touchwix or whatever Samsung calls their product. I was laughing so hard at the nerds getting upset with the Verizon name; I had a brain fart.
  • But it's like I said from the beginning good sir, Android 4.0 looks like a souped up version of TouchWiz 4.0. If you watch a video of TW4 walk through, then a ICS walk through you will see.
  • the reason why is because this is supposed to be a pure google phone. with no carrier or OEM influence
  • I'm not upset about the seeing the Verizon logo, or even in the spot of it replacing the Google logo, it's that the Google logo is gone all together, yet this is a pure Google phone. Hell even my Moto/Verizon Droid X says "with Google" on the back. In reality I don't really care, I'm on Verizon anyway and it's not like I'm embarrassed by being with them.
  • i hope it has bing! ;)
  • Google became Verizon's b!tch now? I rather see the google's logo
  • Imagine what it will be like when people find out the Verizon version has a locked bootloader...
  • Sooo so so kidding btw (i hope) ;)
  • A locked bootloader we can deal with (oem fastboot unlock). Encrypted bootloader on the other hand...
  • *shakes head* ALL Android phones have locked bootloaders, even Nexus phones. Nexus phones are the easiest to unlock because Google provides a way to do it, HTC & Samsung phones are a little harder but the devs always figure it out, Motorola ENCRYPTS their bootloaders & no one has found a way yet.
  • *stop shaking your head at me* SORRY I used the incorrect terminology. What a travesty. Lock me up and throw away the key. Throw a feature phone or blackberry in the cell with me. Then burn me at the stake. Forgive me father for my sins...
  • Wahhhhhh.... Wahhhhhhhhhhh
  • Don't take it so hard. That's the only thing El Jefe can do, catch errors in messages from other people.
  • If it's not going to be a pure Google experience, then don't call it a NEXUS
  • Wow I really don't like what's happening to the Nexus line...
  • WTF!!! THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE NASCAR LOGOS ALL OVER! F Verizon! If they're not releasing the Jeff Gordon special addition decals and the Rainbow Warriors exclusive background I am headed straight to Cricket! Damnit!!!
  • Haha jesus guys if the verizon logo on the back is a dealbreaker for you then either don't buy the phone or cover it up with masking tape or just grow up and ask yourself where your priorities are... whiners sheeesh :)
  • If Verizon forced Google's Logo off the phone, what else have they forced? Can it tether?
    Can it do Voip over 3G?
    How much Verizon crapware is installed?
    These things matter.
    Its not JUST about the Logo.
  • I'm not belittling your concerns (tho IMO they're probably unjustified... no reason to debate since niether of us has facts yet).... All I was doing was commenting in regards to the many people before me who cried OUTRAGE at JUST the logo, lol. Just found that silly :)
  • You're ridiculously dramatic.
  • LOL puddies!
  • Seiing that Verizon logo makes me want to vomit !
  • If you have a problem with a VERIZON LOGO get off the verizon network and either A) purchase a phone and have it shipped over from the UK or B) enjoy the waiting game until it is released on another network (though I don't know if I would want A&TT or SPRINT logo on it either).
  • i have the gsm version.. just pains me to see any branding on a nexus device !
  • It's a waste of money anyway. Honestly youre only paying to have ICS first and the name. Nothing about this phone is amazing at this point. Not like the first nexus was.
  • Well, since you have your facts completely wrong, I guess there is no real point in arguing with you. It is impossible to sway someone who only looks at the words (5mp is smaller than 8mp, this type of screen is old, yada, yada, yada) to actually see how amazing a phone is when all the parts are built to work seamlessly along with the software. If you aren't even interested in the phone, why bother posting a comment.
  • Way to overlook competing device specs! The camera has questionable image quality in addition to being small pixel count when compared to competitors.
    The screen DOES matter.
    There is no SD card slot. And we STILL don't know what other compromises Verizon has forced. But oh, yeah, its got a Barometer!!! Why do you feel the need to rush in and defend against every bit of criticism of this phone, especially when you don't even have one. Why do you take it so personal? Its like you gave birth to it yourself or something.
  • It uses an ancient(in phone terms)GPU. Galaxy S2 will outperform it, especially in games, especially especially with it running at the higher resolution. Not to say it will be bad but it will not be king of the hill. It will be interesting to see how it performs next to the phone released by March or whenever next years phones start getting released.
  • I can upgrade now, but if i wait until 12/31, I get my $100 discount. The longer Verizon pushes this out, the easier it is to wait until the end of the year. Still frustrating not to have a date though.
  • Yea I agree I don't like that Verizon logo on the'd look better with a Sprint one instead :).
  • The verizon logo isn't so surprising, but no google logo is! What happened to that?
  • Wonder if the Verizon Logo actually tells what's inside? Have to be concerned as the only other Android phones on VZW without the Google logo are garbage. Wonder if this will be a true Nexus? Preloaded with VZW mal ware.
  • off topic but is the ics soft key row supposed to be that grey looking, i thought ics got away from the greens and greys?
  • Verizon has to be the crappiest carrier of them all when it comes getting its way. I strongly believe the delay is due to Verizon and possibly due to additional demands and constraints being placed on the phone. Google should have never agreed to an exclusive deal with Verizon. They always try to screw Google in the end (can we say the whole bing fiasco on Google phones).
  • Except that part where it's launching in Canada on 12/8 too, making it a North American launch. woops. naaa, way easier to blame Verizon.
  • Haha it's funny that you think Verizon cares what Canadians do. Just cause they said they are, doesn't mean Verizon will. Though if it's true, it's only one week away!
  • this anti-launch has been downright disgraceful, shameful, dishonest, despicable, disgusting, and outrageous! AT&T is evil. Verizon is even more evil. bad karma for you! Google should buy Sprint and offer their own mobile service.
  • Hopefully next year's Nexus is a Motorola that is released on Sprint.
  • I wonder if the VZW branding is a requirement to use the 4G LTE logo that is a VZW trademark...just a thought. I do wonder about the missing "with Google" logo...especially since I've only ever seen that on a stock android device.
  • My EVO Shift says "with Google" on the back of the screen you can see when the keyboard is out.
  • My first OG Droid had with google on it. The other two replacement didn't have them =(
  • My original droid incredible has 'with google' on the back and it's certainly not stock android.
  • "with Google" logo is for any Android phone that is optimized to use Google services. A "Google Experience" phone is any phone with stock Android or a Nexus.
  • it's time to boycott AT&T and Verizon for their evil ways!!! this is the only way they will learn!!!
  • Verizon put their logo on the back because it is exclusive...(insert face palm)
  • wow why does everyone care about a damn sticker. It does not mean a single thing is changed inside. Just that VZW wants people to look at this pretty phone and know that THEY are the ones selling it. It does not MEAN that anything inside is changed, locked , or bloated. Just relax and wait until it is released. Hell I know the Xperia Play had Bloat as well, but just wait until it is confirmed before your tears start to fall.
  • Wow a lot of you guys are giant babies! Grow up! It's a VzW logo on the battery cover. Who gives a ratts behind? It will have 2 VzW apps which are backup assistant (even on iPhone) and My VzW. You can hide those basically using the settings also. Calm down and grow up. If you don't like it anymore because of 2 stupid apps and a logo don't buy it. That leaves more available for those of us who aren't babies and want this device!
  • no thanks i dont want one with verizons tramp stamp on the back
  • Just realized that my Nexus Placeholder (Razr) doesn't say with Google on the back either. And its an Awesome phone. Not worried that much now.
  • These comments are LOL.
  • Did they Change