Future T-Mobile Samsung QWERTY slider snapped in the wild

Well well well, what do we have here? Seems that Sprint might not be the only ones with a new QWERTY slider in the pipeline. The folks over at ​TmoNews ​have been sent this snapshot of what is purported to be the SGH-T699, a future Samsung smartphone heading to T-Mobile. 

Details on specs are a little scarce, but it's supposed to be housing some form of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 5MP rear camera, a front facing camera and an LED notification light. Whatever this may be is also supposed to be running Android 4.0.4 out of the box. Oh, and the traditional -- at least internationally anyway -- Samsung home button. 

It probably isn't going to be the highest end device some would maybe hope for, but allegedly it does run really smoothly. QWERTY keyboards might well be going the way of the dinosaurs, but variety is still a good thing. Some people really like their keyboards after all. We'll have to keep our eyes open for more on this one.

Source: Tmonews

Richard Devine
  • Two leaked sliders in one day!! I actually like the key spacing on this phone better then the moto.
  • Looks like the sprint epic with a home button.
  • Different key layout but similar spacing.
  • God why can't Samsung release a Galaxy S III WITH A KEYBOARD! i still kept my Epic 4G as my backup phone, still love it, but got the Galaxy S II because its better. Would LOVE IT IF sprint released one.
  • Looks small.
  • If I had a nickel...
  • A version for Verizon would be real nice!!!!!!!
  • looks like a phone from 2009-2010
  • Any phone with a REAL KEYBOARD looks like a phone from 2009-2010.
    Manufacturer refuse to provide choice anymore. I am soooo desperate for a smartphone with a REAL KEYBOARD, these stupid touchscreen keyboard make way too many mistakes on these stupid touchscreen keyboards.
  • I don't wanna get rid of my Epic 4G. I love it. I don't like touchscreen only phones.
  • I really don't miss my physical keyboard from back in the palm pre days. Swype or in my case FlexT9 is just too easy to awesome to mess with anything else. I'm so used to it that I don't even need to look allot of the time to type. But that's just me and my preference :-)
  • A physical menu button? Really? Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for, what? 8 months now? There *IS* no menu button for true ICS phones! Samsung, please stop b@stardizing Android's user interface with TouchWiz!!!
  • Actully Action Bar APIs thru it's made for ICS that does not prefer menu button.... it actully support menu button. Action Bar have so called overflow menu which appers when there no space for other options or if developer desire to use it (3 dots at the end). When menu button exist insted of overflow menu button at the end of the action bar, it being triggered by menu button and it looks like it works like classic option menu. It's lower API support and it happens automaticly (if developer let it be), in fact Google Chrome the most ICS-ish popular app currently on market let it be that way too: Galaxy Nexus: http://www.kevindelorey.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Screenshot_2012-0... (there 3 dots) Galaxy SII: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7bsn7uvsir4doyh/Screenshot_2012-06-17-16-11-37... (no 3 dots) Here docs also describing that behavior: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/actionbar.html Why it's done this way? To keep support devices with menu buttons. Why Samsung keep placing menu buttons? Do no :p (maybe they dont have all there software updated for ICS) keep in mind we in transition period and it will take soem time until menu button dissaper and either way without menu or with menu button, app amde on Action bar APIS is automaticly usable on both such phones as you can see.