How to fix Google Pixel battery life problems

Google's Pixel XL offers impressive battery life for a phone of its size, but determined users can definitely drain it over the course of a hectic day. The smaller 5-inch Pixel with its 2770 mAh battery doesn't always offer the same longevity, giving you less wiggle room if you have heavier-than-usual use or forget to charge overnight.

Though both should be able to make it through an average day for most people, if you're finding your Pixel's battery coming up short sometimes, you'll want to follow a few of these handy tips to make the most of what you have.

Check for battery-draining apps

Google Pixel

The Pixel really uses its systemwide battery-saving function called Doze, which puts the system and apps into a low-power state to help save battery when the phone isn't in use. A vast majority of the time the system can handle all sorts of apps and manage them so you still get notifications even while other apps are "sleeping," but in some cases a poorly coded app can keep the system awake when it's not supposed to, draining your battery in the process.

Doze does a great job, but you can always check on individual apps.

To find if there are any apps causing issues, head into your Settings, tap on Battery and look at the list of apps under "Use since last charge." You'll see most of the usual suspects like the screen, Android OS and Bluetooth or Voice calls, but if you see a seldom-used app taking up more than a couple percent of your battery drain, you should investigate to see if it's doing things it shouldn't be.

Use Battery optimization features

The "Battery optimization" feature in Android is a tad bit complicated, and in most cases will simply work as intended without your management, but if you're having battery life troubles it's worth checking out. Battery optimization builds on the battery-saving features of Doze to identify how and when you use apps to put forcibly them to sleep when they shouldn't be awake draining your battery. Go into Settings, tap on Battery and then tap the Menu button and tap Battery optimization to get started with this.

The system does a great job on its own, but you can still check in on it.

By default, the system has been analyzing how you use your phone since the minute you started installing apps, optimizing usage on the apps to get the most battery out of the phone while keeping your most-used apps available when you need them. In the main screen of the Battery optimization settings you'll see the "Not optimized" list, which you can see will include some apps that can't be optimized, along with some stragglers that may not be optimized yet.

If you see an app that you want to be optimized, tap it and switch to "Optimize." If you want to switch to a full apps list, tap the top bar and you'll see the option to view "All apps." Here you can tap on individual apps and switch them to "Don't optimize" if you wish to let the app have free reign to run as it pleases. You may choose to do this for critically important apps like those for travel or banking — just know that most of the time, the system will handle these functions exactly as you want, with the added benefit of optimizing them for battery savings.

Use Battery saver

Google Pixel battery saver

Though it isn't nearly as comprehensive as similar features on other phones, the Pixel includes a Battery saver mode that can help extend your battery life with the flip of a switch. With Battery saver turned on, your phone will have reduced performance, limited vibration, limited location services and reduced background data. Together the limitations don't have a huge effect on the usability of the phone, but they do save precious battery drain.

Battery saver can add a couple hours of life in a pinch.

Pull down the notification shade, tap on your battery icon and you'll see a "Battery saver" toggle you can turn on and off as you please when you know you need a bit more longevity. If you prefer, you can also have it come on automatically at 15 or 5% battery, which is what most people will be more comfortable with. Battery saver automatically turns off when you start charging your Pixel.

Battery saver isn't something you'll want to leave on all the time, but in a pinch it can help you get through the end of the day or a tough time away from the charger — it's just another tool to make the most of the Pixel's battery.

Uninstall unused apps

Of course you can mitigate the issues from the prior situations by simply uninstalling apps that you're not using that often (or at all). When you have a little free time, sit down and open up your app drawer — check out your apps and see which ones you've honestly opened in the past couple weeks. Chances are you're going to find more than a few you haven't even touched since you got your Pixel.

Going forward, when you're setting up a new phone a good rule to follow is to just install the basic apps you need from the start, and only install additional apps when you find you need them. After using several different phones we often fall into the trap of installing dozens of apps we think we'll need, but in reality never touch — and in the end we have to end up uninstalling them later.

Last resort: A mobile battery pack

Google Pixel with battery

Yes, we know, a portable battery pack doesn't fix the root problem of bad battery life on a phone, but it does fix the issue of a low battery. If you can't manage making it through a heavy day without needing a charge, and can't spend time plugged in at any point, you'll want to invest in a mobile battery pack.

There are plenty out there that will charge up your Pixel super quickly, and top up your friends' phones as well, like the Anker PowerCore 10,000 mAh battery (opens in new tab), or this 20,100 mAh battery from Jackery that has USB-C (opens in new tab). For a relatively inexpensive purchase, these batteries can be a great backup solution when you can't spend time at a power outlet.

How have you been finding battery life on the Pixel and Pixel XL? Did any of these tips help extend its life? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

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  • I see no battery life issues either. 5 hours of screen on time with battery at 28%
  • My smaller Pixel is getting better life than my note 7 did and I'm using more too since everything "just works".
  • Yeah right that's a laugh wanker. Stop lying to people you don't own the Note7
  • Sucks compared to what???
  • I would consider good battery life to be 4-5 hours screen on time on mainly LTE, 40% brightness and over a periods of 16 hours off the charger with less than perfect cell signal doing a verity of things including browsing, Facebook, 60 minutes of music and a small amount of YouTube both using Bluetooth headphones for audio, maybe 10 pictures, 30-45 minutes of phone calls and various texts and emails. A phone that can meet the above conditions I would consider good, not even great, just good. In that regard the Pixel battery life sucks almost as bad as the Nexus 5X.
  • I get 5 hrs sot at 50% brightness. Maybe use something before making judgements.
  • All the new phones just seem to be a rehash of what's already available, maybe a tweak to add a "faster" processor - like I'm doing some high end calculations or graphics.... As a consumer I think the current phones are fast enough, what I really keep waiting for is a phone that has WAAAYYY better battery life and screen that I can read in direct sunlight. In the mean time, even Google comes out with much the same in a new shiny package with several chotskies for good measure. Still leaving me hanging on a GREAT battery experience.
  • I agree. While faster is always nice, today's phones have gotten to the point that I think I might finally get off the "flagship" train. I'm a moderate user--addicted to my phone but mostly for email, texting, light surfing, occasional music, and snapping quick pics. I don't game, watch videos, or so social media so today's mid-range would suit me just fine now. Battery technology is on the cusp of some big changes, I think...maybe in the next year or two based on the nerdy research findings that I occasionally see in headlines. Does the Moto Z Play appeal to you? It's got incredible battery life, and the rest of the specs sound like they'd be good for the moderate user....
  • I'd have bought a Z Play instead of a Pixel (non-XL) if it were smaller... Going up to 5.5" shouldn't be the only way to get great battery life but everyone's so deathly scared of going 1mm thicker, sigh.
  • I'm totally with you! 5.0" - 5.2" is the sweet spot for me (my hands, my eyes, and my pockets).
  • True.
  • ZPlay is too big, at least for me. Sizewise I like my G5. Had Moto Maxx many years ago that had great battery life. Seems strange that progress has stopped or in some cases reversed.
  • Until there's some major technology breakthrough, this is now a mature market. Modest improvements and tweaking around the edges are all you're going to see for the foreseeable future. You can't make phones dramatically faster without generating a ton of heat and draining batteries in a heartbeat. Battery technology that's commercially feasible is pretty stagnant. There are far better batteries and supercapacitors in the lab, but none are ready for mass production. Screen technology is improving, bit by bit, but we can only use so much resolution, and brighter means more battery consumption, and probably lower resolution. Consumers complain about battery life, but vote with their wallets for thin phones, not bigger batteries. Manufacturers understand this. That's why they're pushing new devices, like "smart" watches, virtual reality, etc.
  • are people really having battery issues? I have both the Pixel and the Pixel XL and I have terrific battery life on both. I have the Verizon version and I use them on Verizon. Usually my XL is at 40% at end of day with more than average use usually like 4+hrs SOT and my Pixel reg is usually even higher like 60% but has like 2+hrs SOT I came from the Note 5 which I generally charged at least once fully through out day to make it to like 11pm. On my Pixel XL which is my main device I go from 8am to 11pm with at least 35% to spare.
  • Their not. Its just the tactics of the new re·gime that we call Android Centrals.
  • I have nearly doubled, close to tripled what I had with the 6p. This article headline is very misleading. I take my pixel xl off the charger at 630am and don't put back on till 10pm.
  • You carry a Pixel in each size?
  • According to my S6 Battery usage, Android Central app has kept my phone awake for 26mins! Guess I'm deleting it.
  • In all honesty, one of my main battery hogging app sis the AC app. Funny thing is, I may open it once or twice for a few minutes then swipe it away... but it keeps my phone awake for 2 hours. -_-
  • As a result of this article I've just switched to using the mobile site and it seems pretty good. The law of unintended consequences in action. Ironic!
  • The title sort of implies this phone has battery issues. I've seen similar headings accompanying the release of other devices. Perhaps a more fitting article heading would have been "suggested tweaks to further improve battery life."
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  • Is there an easy way to tell what time or date you last used an app?
  • Not with the stock Battery screen. Maybe with GSAM?
  • Gsam can't track apps anymore, unless you enable it via ADB. On nougat that is.
  • Thanks for letting us know!
  • I believe Doze made its appearance with Marshmallow, so that hits a lot more phones than the Pixel and the LG V20.
  • I thought N had a better version of Doze, that kept the phone asleep even if it's moving around in you pocket (as opposed to the original that had to have the phone still)...
  • You are correct. Info here on Doze in Nougat and how it improves on what debuted in Marshmallow:
  • Android Marshmallow: Info here: Marshmallow was first available in Oct 2015.
  • It was in Marshmallow. But see now I know. Relevant to me at least.
  • Oohh i cant wait for the next article about "here how you can fix the camera problem on your pixel"
  • Andrew - ive read your stuff before. This couldnt possibly be your work. Please fire your ghost writer.
  • "How to fix Google Pixel battery life problems" All this article had to say was "Google needs to fix battery optimization in Android" and stop telling customers to uninstall apps. If Apple can match your battery life with smaller batteries then the problem lies with Google, not the consumer.
  • I believe the article says "uninstall UNUSED apps," which is something that would be good for a phone on any platform. If you aren't using it, then it is taking up phone resources (storage, if nothing else). I'm the only Android user in my household, but I seem to pass around a battery pack a lot when we're out and about. My spouse has been over the moon since I got them an iPhone 6 Anker battery pack case, which provides an extra 120% of battery life. I think all of us would appreciate better battery life with our phones, but many of us are actually satisfied with getting a full day's worth, which the Pixel phones seem to do pretty well.
  • Or even better just say "some possible fixes of battery drain on Android phones" or am I'm asking too much on this situation?
  • The real solution is for phone manufacturers to not use such tiny batteries. With only a 2,770mAh for a 1080p screen on the Pixel and a 3,450mAh battery for a QHD screen on the Pixel XL of course the battery life is going to suck. What do you expect? The Pixel should have at least a 3,400mAh battery. The Pixel XL should have a 4,000mAh battery.
  • +1 on bigger batteries, altho I'm not sure they need to be thaaaaat big ;-) I don't need my phone to be *paper thin* with a giant screen. I'd much rather have longer battery life and a phone that has a little bit of substance to it.
  • This all day long. It sounds like some are having moderate issues and others aren't. At $499 I was/am able to put up with pretty decent but not stellar battery life on my 6P. (Though I recently factory reseted and thankfully it's become noticeably better on N.) At *$800*+ W/tax for a 32gb XL... And mediocre battery effing way would I be a happy camper.
  • I miss Phil.
  • I do, and then I don't... he's the one that let AC fall. Now Bader is doing all he can to raise it back up. I recommend Jerry break off and start up Jerry Central. Then he could say what he really wants to say.
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  • Are you sure about that? Phil was gone prior to all those ridiculous Pokemon Go articles flooded the site. People complained, they kept em' coming 2x. For all the flack Phil got for his politics, he did a good job of running this site.
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  • If this is an article on battery saving tips - what about the people who who leave GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and searching constantly wasting battery when they aren't using any of those things?
  • I concur, I thought however WiFI should be on at home versus cellular as obvious your WiFi is a stronger connection and Bluetooth well what if you have a wearable lol and Location yea I only turn on when I need too
  • I think you misspelled the title. It should have read something like this: 5 Secret Tips To Long-Lasting Pixel Battery! The Last One Will Blow Your Mind!
  • Hehe. Only if the battery pack is made by Samsung ;-)
  • Personally, my Pixel XL has the best battery life out of any Android phone I've ever used. I unplug it when I wake up, typically around 11am. I work in a store that has terrible reception, even on Verizon. I seriously get one signal bar the entire time I'm at work. I'm also running WiFi, and have my smart watch connected via Bluetooth. By the time I get home around 10pm I still have around 50% battery life. Every other phone I've put through those conditions had to be connected to a charger multiple times a day. I don't even take a charger to work anymore.
  • That's awesome! The battery optimizations seem very effective to me too
  • Why do they continue to release 'new' devices with crap battery life - we shouldn't be seeing articles on how to expand battery life on the infamous grandiose Google phone - faux pas.....
  • I've had my 128G Pixel for two weeks, and have had absolutely nothing but positive battery experiences. I unplug at 5:45a.m., leave my Bluetooth and wi-fi on all day, make several phone calls, and use the Web and social apps off and on throughout the day. I have yet to run out of battery on the same day.
  • Yeah, it's just a bad title. The title states that the Pixel has battery life problems, and claims they will tell you how to fix it.
    An accurate title would be "How to improve battery life on any phone", but then they couldn't copy and paste the article over and over for every phone in existence.
  • Ha! Nobody does they? It just bothers me because when people who are shopping for a new device, they can be swayed by bullsh*t like this. (OK, last comnent on the matter: I unplugged my Pixel at 4:45 a.m. on a Friday, and with heavier use - including use of Google Maps - I woke up on Saturday morning at 7:45 a.m. with 30% battery. Now I'm done.
  • Misleading title
  • Hand up - yeah, I'm getting really ****** battery life with my new Pixel XL. Fully charged and it's at 15% 6 hours later with normal use. Is no one else experiencing this? I found this article honestly looking for ways to get reasonable life out of the thing. Love the phone otherwise...
  • This sounds incredibly outside the norm compared to reports from other owners. Have you tested in safe mode? I'm guessing that you have an app (or apps) that aren't optimized for Nougat, and/or you have terrible signal strength. Are there any clues from your battery screen as to what is using up the majority of your battery?
  • I wish there would be a way to uninstall apps like dream keyboard and some of the other google apps would might never or seldom use. I know they can be disabled, as I have done so with mine, but some of these apps to me like google talk back, google text to speech, VR services are just things I personally will never use. I can't root my phone as I am with Verizon, but for something open sourced as Android, one should not have to root a phone to delete these apps permanently from their phones
  • It's the day after Christmas. Don't expect hard-hitting journalism. It's just something fresh for the front page, man ya'll some angry nerds indeed.
  • Something fresh for the front page, the first comments on which are 2 months old lol. Not that I disagree with the sentiment.
  • Lol I didn't realize it was a recycled post.
  • buy a moto z play and battery life will never be any issue again :P The blue Pixel looks nice :)
  • That's what I did. After having terrible battery life in Nexus 6P, I bought Z Play based on positive reviews. Best decision. I'm not attached to chargers anymore. Plus projector mod is awesome.
  • The Blue Pixel IS nice! Lol That is what I have. I like it best out of the 3 colors offered
  • I've had my PixelXl for a month and it's been the best smartphone I've ever had for battery life so far. .
  • Same here. Nothing comes close period.
  • So nothing here is really specific to the Pixel, and an external battery pack is not really "fixing" any battery issues, it's just a way to compensate for those issues.
  • "How to fix Google Pixel battery life problems" First ya have to find them.
    Them critters are just about invisible. Pixel XL has issues. Battery Life isn't one of them.
  • I have a Pixel XL and the battery life has been absolutely amazing.
  • Under heavy use I get 4.5 hrs sot. Not really a device that needs battery tips.
  • I wish we would use a better metric when talking about phone battery life... like SOT Minutes per %. Could you imagine people talking about gas mileage of their cars without using MPG? "Yeah, I can go a week and a half before refilling, and that's with 'heavy driving'". Could you be more vague? That tells me nothing. I've started using this screen mileage app that calculates my SOT Min/%. My Z Force has been averaging about 3.5 Min/%. Now tell me what a Pixel averages and we can compare.
  • That's impossible to accurately judge. 1 hr this morning has used 10%. Other use case scenarios can see 1 hr using 20%. It depends entirely on. What you do. I consistently get 4.5-5 hrs sot. So that would avg to about 3% / min of SOT. But if I lower the brightness it will last longer. My overall day is about 15 hrs of total use.
  • Not impossible to calculate. Just like when you drive your car, you can drive it like a mad man or a grandpa, you can drive it with 600lbs of passengers and luggage or just you, you can drive it uphill or downhill. Your mileage WILL vary, but given long enough it will average out. The same thing can be said for phones. People can read ebooks on AMOLED black screens all day or you can play VR games for much less time. I'm just saying, it doesn't help anyone out when we say "I've been using my phone moderately and I have X minutes of screen time, but my old phone wasn't nearly as good". It's like saying your truck is more fuel efficient than your car because you can drive your truck 500 miles before filling up and you only can go 400 miles in your car. Fuel tanks are different sizes, engines are different, loads are different, and the way you drive it can be different. But we all understand what it means for a car to get 35mpg and a truck to get 20mpg. All I'm saying is that all the fuel tank, loads, driving habits etc are all explained and understood with an MPG figure. For phones, we haven't grasped that MPG can be calculated and reported the same way, just as we do with cars. I'm just saying, if we are all going to get on here and chat about our phone's performance, we should all speak the same language.
  • I must be that one lucky person who doesn't have any issues with his/her Pixel
  • Why is the article title how to FIX pixels battery problem????? You're not talking about a problem but basic battery saving techniques. Change the name of the title.
  • Because AC regurgitates the same article periodically with different popular phones to generate page clicks. you'll see the same article for the GS7 too.
  • Only problems for me have been poorly coded apps. Those are gone or updated. Bad signal with Fi can kill the battery at times, but that isn't the phone.
  • The Pixel already gets better battery life than any other Android phone I've ever owned.
  • I got the XL and compared to my Galaxy S6 this thing blows it out of the water, and that's saying a lot considering my battery life significantly improved on that phone once Marshmallow was released. This thing is an absolute beast. On gym days I stream music, use a Moto 360 to track workouts and use a wireless headset. By the time I leave my Galaxy S6 was around 60%. This morning was my first day trying out the XL there, and when I left I still had 92%.
  • Lol, what? My last charge was 28 hours ago and I'm just hitting 40% with 3.5 hours SOT so far. Pixel battery life problems aren't a thing.
  • Agreed. It has great battery life. Many of the default settings are bad and not needed for 99% of everyone and they drain battery. Turn off things like NFC, wi-fi calling and that proximity awareness along with a few other things. Phone comes off charger at 7am goes on at midnight. I'm always above 75% unless I had to travel. (I don't watch movies but do watch links of youtube sent, also I don't play games. But do have 8 email accounts and use heavily for work) People that get bad battery life, just don't know how to configure the phone. Default settings on ANY phone EVER need tweaking.
  • I leave everything on and brightness at 100% (50% at night). I charge before I leave for work in the morning and it lasts all day. Usually most of the next work day, too, unless I play games on my break or take a ton of video. It's been nice just not even having to think about battery during the day.
  • Imagine: Two models, only difference is battery size. The bigger battery is more expensive and the phone is a bit larger to accommodate the bigger battery. Which one sells more? Don't give me that mature market crap. People will opt for the bigger battery version all day long.
  • Thankfully, Google recognized that people like to have choices. I chose the smaller battery version because it works better for my hands (smaller hands, usually use the phone one-handed), pockets, and the way that I use my device. While I can afford the bigger battery version, I seriously detest carrying a phablet....I have a 7" tablet for when I want a larger screen.
  • Well, Verizon has offered phones with large batteries repeatedly, and they really don't sell. People vote with the wallets, and they vote for thin, stylish phones over thicker ones. Unfortunately.
  • Although I hated my pixel(a ripoff), and sold it, I have to admit that battery life on the small pixel was incredible for a smaller size battery. The rest of the phone was a huge disappointment.
  • What battery life issues? And why are some of the comments several weeks old?
  • Because they recycle articles. And it looks like they now update the date to make it look new. This site has been going downhill for a while now, and becoming stale. There is plenty of new content to write about, especially this time of year. I guess it's better than another porn article, or a post on how to take a screen shot.
  • The first time it was either click bait, a misleading title given the content or was misinformation; there were no battery life problems to fix... seems like that got called out, so then a few weeks later it ended up posted again... so it got called out again, now it's back a third time?
  • Pixel doesn't have a battery life problem. Unless you consider 5 hrs sot a problem.
  • Battery issues? Please. The 5" Pixel has the best battery life for its size on Android. Period.
  • That goes to Pixel XL not 5'' Pixel
  • Again with this click bait...
  • What? The Pixel has battery problems? I guess I will go back to HTC.
  • You do know that the Pixel is manufactured by HTC?
  • pixel has no battery problem. this article is a copy paste article with just phone name replaced.
    Pixel has one of the best battery life in the market
  • Should this article not be called 'extend the battery life on your Pixel'? As far as i am concerned the pixel is the last phone that i would worry about battery life on!
  • This
  • It's the same article they've posted multiple times in the past. They just change the title and the name of the phone in the text. But yes, the title is misleading on every iteration.
  • How does uninstalling apps help? If app is legit and is not running and moreover if I set it not to use any data in background, why would it use battery?
  • Even if you have an app closed and haven't used it in a long time, apps will periodically (and in some cases, daily or hourly) go out and check for updates. This constant searching for updates causes usage of your WiFi or cellular network which uses battery. Multiply this by as many apps as you have on your phone and if you have a lot of apps, this can use a lot of battery. Therefore, if you're not using an app, it's recommended you uninstall it. The less apps you have, the less checking for updates, the less battery you will use.
  • Not only ALL my apps have automatic update disabled, I also disabled background data usage for all none-Google apps. So unless the app in running, its not allowed to use any data
  • its not allowed to use data and u didnt diallow it to run in background. it will still run once in a while and wake phone up
  • How to fix a non-existent problem?
  • There are many external applications that can not be uninstalled, please show me how to fix them. An application called Tubemate is draining my battery, I can not remove it from my Android device.
  • it is not a pre-installed google app in pixel. it must be manually installed by you. how come it cannot be uninstalled?
  • Goto Settings>>>Apps, find the app and select it, tap Storage, tap Clear Data, go back a screen, then tap Force Stop and then finally UNINSTALL.
  • For your level of familiarity with Android, you may want to make sure you have DISABLED "Unknown Sources" in Settings>>>Security.
  • I always have to charge my pixel at least once before the end of the night. Not good battery life in my opinion. I never get more than 3 hours SOT
  • More Google, all day, everyday, all Google all the time! Boy am I glad I didn't get a pixel. I need space for my junk and no SD card is just no good for me. It's really too bad that this article is just more of the advertising clickbate trash that AC publishes . The Mi Mix now That looks sharp to me small bezels sensible button placement unlockable bootloader​ non curved edge's that allow you to hold the phone without activating edge program's.
  • Android Central is famous for helping people who are new to Android. Give them a break.