The Potensic T25 GPS Drone with 1080p Camera is down to $129.99 on Amazon. To get the drone that low you'll need to clip the $30 off on-page coupon then use the code IXOHNQGA during checkout. The two discounts stack to take $50 off the $180 street price. This is the lowest price we've ever seen on this bundle.

Flyin' high

Potensic T25 GPS Drone with 1080p Camera

Clip the on-page coupon and stack that with the coupon code. The drone has a headless mode, altitude mode, and automatic return to home feature. Push one button to take off or land. Wi-Fi lets you view the camera feed. Has a 300 meter control range.

$129.99 $180.00 $50 off

With coupon: IXOHNQGA

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The T25 drone is equipped with dual GPS and a 9-axis gyro space. It's capable enough to stand still in the wind, and it has a feature that will automatically return it home to you when low on power, its signal gets too weak, or it gets lost. With the GPS built into it, you can use Follow Me to make the drone follow you on its own. It'll also capture all the video and photos along the way. Create your own custom flight paths. Then you can activate those paths and have the drone fly as you want. It also has a 1000mAh battery that can be hot swapped to extend flight time. The drone has a range of 300 meters so you can go farther and see more.

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The 1080p HD camera has a 120-degree field of view with a 75-degree adjustable wide angle lens. Capture clear photos and take more stable video. With Wi-Fi, you can get the images transmitted to your phone.

You can control the drone thanks to the included controller and your phone, which will provide you a first-person view so it's like you're actually flying with it. In addition to the controller, this bundle also includes an extra battery. Swap out the batteries for twice the flying time. There's also a carrying case you can use to transport everything.

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