The PlayStation 4 always has new and exciting titles coming out every month. We've found all of the best for you to check out and listed the rest at the bottom of the page. Here are all the game releasing in October 2019!

★ Featured favorite - October 25: The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is shaping up to be the best of Obsidian Entertainment — a focused RPG with a strong sense of humor where your choices matter. Will it make good on that promise? Only time will tell, but it looks damn good. I will definitely be looking for a Mandibular Rearranger and exploring on Day One. For science!

$60 at Amazon

October 4: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Staff favorite

Tom Clancy's Spec Ops soldiers are at it again, this time trapped behind enemy lines in a massive open world — Auroa. Survive this beautiful environment solo or with friends as you become the best Ghost you can be, even if that means having to take up a fight against your own brothers in arms.

$60 at Amazon

October 8: GRiD

If you enjoy racing, or you simply love cars, GRiD is on its way. This reboot of Codemaster's racing sim series offers you the chance to choose your own path. Create your own story and define your legacy in the motorsport world with the choice of six different careers and over 70 cars.

$60 at Amazon

October 25: MediEvil

Ready for Halloween? MediEvil is. Re-live the original adventure of the re-animated Sir Daniel Fortesque, a -slightly- inept knight who has accidentally been resurrected by his greatest enemy, Zarok. With a second chance at defeating his greatest foe, help Sir Dan save Gallowmere once more.

$30 at Amazon

Other PlayStation 4 games releasing in October 2019

PlayStation 4 DLC releasing in October 2019

What are you playing?

For me, the The Outer Worlds is what I've been waiting for. From the first trailer I saw, I knew I wanted this game. I have loved Obsidan games projects for a long time, especially its involvement with Fallout: New Vegas, and nothing beats an in-depth RPG where choices actually matter.

However, a game which is far from new to us and is still hitting us in the nostalgia is MediEvil. The original game was released in 1998 by the now defunct Guerrilla Cambridge, which also bought us LittleBigPlanet. MediEvil brings us a second chance to enjoy Sir Daniel Fortesque's second chance. It's a chance we hope people enjoy, whether they're playing it for the first or 100th time.

Are you looking to let off some steam instead? Take a look into Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This military Spec Ops game gives you the chance to enjoy the story solo, to squad up on your missions, or even hop into PvP mode and fight your bothers at arms. No matter you choice of playstyle, you have the ability to mold your character into the Ghost you want.

Which PlayStation 4 game are you looking forward to most? Let us know by shooting us a tweet and tell us all about it!

The best PlayStation 4 accessories

From cleaning tools to extra memory, here's what you need to check out to keep your PlayStation 4 well maintained.

Kootek Vertical Stand for PlayStation 4 and Slim ($17 at Amazon)

The Kootek Vertical stand is fit for the standard PlayStation 4 and the Slim model. It has two charging ports for your controllers, three USB charging ports, and two built-in fans to help keep your PlayStation cool.

Avolusion 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External PS4 Hard Drive ($45 at Amazon)

This external hard drive is compatible with the PlayStation 4, connects via a 3.0 USB port, and has 1TB of memory. It comes with a two-year warranty, so you're covered in case there are any issues.

SUNKY ($10 at Amazon)

Sunky's PS4 controller phone clip attaches easily to your phone, doesn't block your lightbar, buttons, or the touchpad. With 180 degrees of movement, you can easily set your phone in a comfortable position.

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