The PlayStation 4 always has new and exciting titles coming out every month. We've found all of the best for you to check out and listed the rest at the bottom of the page. Here are all the game releasing in August 2019!

★ Featured favorite - August 27: Control

Control follows the story of Jesse Fadens as she becomes the new Director of the Bureau of Control. Enter the Oldest House, the bureau's headquarters, and unlock the answers to innumerable questions about this strange and evolving world. This brutalist-inspired world promises to be a genuinely psychological adventure as battle the relentless Hiss.

$60 at Amazon

August 27: The Bard's Tale: Director's Cut

Staff favorite

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep was a much-anticipated game of 2018. This new Director's cut improves upon Barrows Deep as it "directly addresses feedback received from the game's initial launch with thousands of fixes and tweaks included," inXile Entertainment said. And it also includes new DLC in the form of a new dungeon and final chapter storyline.

$40 at Amazon

August 22: Oninaki

Square Enix's Oninaki lives in a beautiful world of reincarnation. Cry not for the dead but live in joy and offer prayer for the next life. However, when souls wander rather than moving on, it is the job of the Watchers to guide the Lost on to their next lives. Navigate the emotional world of both the living and the dead in this beautifully designed game.

$60 at Amazon

August 27: Wreckfest

Drive some seriously impressive cars from American heavy-weights to agile European racers and break all the rules of racing. Full-contact and epic crashes are the name of the game in Wreckfest. The ultimate crashes are achieved with true-to-life physics simulation. So, design and customize your favorite car and tear it apart as you race with friends.

$34 at Amazon

Other PlayStation 4 games releasing in August 2019

PlayStation 4 DLC releasing in August 2019

What are you playing?

For me, the The Bard's Tale: Director's Cut is what I have been waiting for. From the first trailer I saw, I knew I wanted this game, but I also knew that I wanted to play it bug-free. I have painstakingly avoided spoilers for a year now with the hope updates would be made, and a Director's or GOTY edition would be released. I am ready to get my hands on it to play a happy tune of combat.

However, a game which is newer to us, and by all means looking far more like a psychological thriller, is Control. With innumerable questions to answer, puzzles to solve and characters to meet along your way, Control is going to be hours upon hours of telekinetic exploration and adventures in a twisted and evolving world. This dark atmosphere has piqued my interest.

Are you looking to let off some steam instead? Take a look into Wreckfest. While this is a racing game, it is a no-holds-barred style of race. Racing meets demolition derby. And it's all with cars you can customize yourself. Patch 'em up and crash 'em as you work out some workday stress with your friends.

Which PlayStation 4 game are you looking forward to most? Let us know by shooting us a Tweet and tell us all about it!

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Avolusion 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External PS4 Hard Drive ($50 at Amazon)

This external hard drive is compatible with the PlayStation 4, connects via a 3.0 USB port, and has 1TB of memory. It comes with a two-year warranty, so you're covered in case there are any issues.

Nyko Smart Clip ($14 at Amazon)

Nyko's smart clip attaches easily to your phone without getting in the way of your lightbar, buttons, or the touchpad. It also avoids all of the ports on your DualShock 4 controller so that you can easily plug in to charge without any hassle.

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