Every Galaxy S9 and S9+ Case We Could Find

It's your choice whether to get a case for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+. Some people hate to cover up the sleek design of a brand new phone with a hunk of ugly plastic — we get that.

But there are so many cool cases out there that can be as thin as paper, clear as a window, or rugged and designed to survive the harshest conditions. Plus, you can show off your sports allegiances or personality with a funky design.

Before you decide against a case, we want to make sure you know you've got options — like a lot of options. Here's every case for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ that we could find!

Thin Cases

Samsung Silicone Cover

Samsung offers a minimalist case silicone cover for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ who are proud to rep the Samsung brand. There are four colors to match the available colors for the S9 (of course) and a soft touch finish providing a comfortable grip. Since it's from Samsung, it includes premium features like a microfiber lining to protect from microabrasions as the silicone absorbs impacts.

A premium case demand's a premium price — $45 for both the S9 or S9+ model from Samsung with select styles discounted on Amazon.

Spigen Thin Fit

A thin polycarbonate back plate with a little cushion in the corners to help prevent damage if you drop your phone.

Get yours for just $12.

Spigen Air Thin

Spigen says this case features "unbeatable thinness to maintain the feel of the original phone"… so if that Thin Fit case is still too bulky, they have you covered.

Also available for just $12.

Skinit Lite case

Get a thin case that also shows off your favorite sports team, comic book character, or one of hundreds of different styles — all for just $30.

Skinit has partnered with a ton of popular brands to offer a fantastic selection of designs. Or, customize and create your own for just $35.

Peel Super Thin

Another case that's barely there, this Super Thin case from Peel is designed to keep the original look of your phone while still protecting it from scratches and drops.

Get yours for $25.

Rhinoshield SolidSuit

This case from Rhinoshield is a slim, one-piece shell made with Rhinoshield's signature "ShockSpread" material. It's minimalist but it offers rugged protection for most drops, although the curved edge of the display is exposed so a face-down drop that catches the edge of the table could cause issues. Otherwise, your phone will be well protected by this solid case from a trusted brand.

Available for the Galaxy S9 for $30 in classic black or with a carbon fiber finish.

Clear Cases

Lifeproof Slam

This is Lifeproof's clear case option, so you know it's going to be top-quality. If you want serious drop protection from a clear case, look no further.

Available in three color options for $50.

Speck Presidio CLEAR

This is one of the thinnest clear cases you'll find that still offers top-notch protection for your phone. This case is also designed to resist turning yellow when exposed to UV light.

Get yours for $40 for the Galaxy S9 and $45 for the Plus. - See Speck Presidio CLEAR for Galaxy S9 on Amazon - See Speck Presidio CLEAR for Galaxy S9+ on Amazon

Presidio CLEAR + Glitter

Same as the Speck Presidio CLEAR, except with glitter crystals embedded in the case add sparkle that won't flake off. Add a bit of flair to your clear case from Speck.

Priced between $30 and $50 depending on the color you want.

Casetify Impact

Looking for a clear case with a bit of personality? Casetify has a huge selection of clear cases with funky and fun prints on them — we're talking nearly 100 different styles to choose from.

Pick the perfect case for yourself for just $50.

Rugged Cases

Samsung Protective Standing Cover

This heavy-duty case from Samsung offers a rigid shell that will defend your phone against drops and falls with a stylish pattern of ridges to help with grip. Right below the camera and fingerpring sensor is a pop-out kickstand for hands-free media viewing, adding extra functionality to this rugged case

Get it direct from Samsung for $60.

See Standing Protective Cover for Galaxy S9 on Samsung See Standing Protective Cover for Galaxy S9+ on Samsung

Samsung Hyperknit Cover

The Galaxy S9 and its Hyperknit case are a match made in heaven. Made of woven nylon, this case looks brilliant in red with a nice, soft finish.

Get yours for just $35.

Otterbox Commuter Series

When you think "rugged cases", chances are you think Otterbox. The Commuter Series offers great protection while maintaining a slimmer profile.

Available at $40 for both models.

Otterbox Star Wars case

Otterbox is set to release some officially licensed Star Wars cases to celebrate Solo: A Star Wars Story. It's just a shame that the Millenium Falcon and Chewbacca cases are iPhone exclusives…

Get yours for either the Galaxy S9 ($44.95) and Galaxy S9+ ($54.95).

Spigen Tough Armor

This dual-layer case offers really good protection for your phone with a built-in kickstand. Despite its rugged nature, it's still compatible with wireless charging.

Available in six color styles and starting as low as $16.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series case

The Unicorn Beetle case is one of those phone cases that people buy with every new device. It's got that classic rugged design with ridges to help with grip and it includes a built-in screen protector to keep your S9 in pristine condition.

Rugged enough to keep your phone protected and yet thin enough to work with wireless charging, get your Unicorn Beetle Series case for about $15.

Caseology Legion Series case

This dual-layer case combines a shock absorbing inner sleeve of TPU with a durable outer shell that's also significantly gripper than the glass body of the Galaxy S9.

This case is available in your choice of five colors for just $15.

Speck Presidio ULTRA

This is a straight up rugged case, which Speck says offers four layers of protection against drops up to 15 feet. It's also a slightly slimmer than other rugged cases so if you don't like a bulky case, this is for you!

Get yours for $45 for the Galaxy S9 and $55 for the Galaxy S9+ case.


This case is designed to deal with your gross sweat when you're working out. If you're a gym rat or bring your phone along on runs, you'll appreciate the Microban® anti-microbial technology that helps keep the bacteria from building up. It's also colorful and rugged.

Get yours for $45 for the Galaxy S9 or $50 for the Plus.

Lifeproof FRE case

When you buy a Lifeproof case, you're buying a case designed to protect your phone from drop damage, water damage, dirt, and snow — allowing you to take your phone on all your adventures without constantly worrying about it getting busted.

Expected to start shipping by the end of April, you can pre-order yours for $90.

Leather Cases

Samsung Alcantara Cover

This case is a favorite around these parts. Alcantara is a luxury fabric that has been finding their way into top-end electronics and mobile accessories. The result here is a premium Galaxy S9 case that's thin, light, and a dream to hold in your hands.

You can get it for $50 on Amazon.

Case Mate Wallet Folio Case

This folio case holds your phone in place while the front flap keeps your display protected when closed.

Case Mate backs their products with a lifetime warranty and you can get your case for either the Galaxy S9 or S9+ for $60.

Otterbox Strata Folio case

Looking for a leather case that won't let you down? Check out the Otterbox Strata Folio case which combines the rugged protection you expect from Otterbox with the stylish look and feel of a leather wallet case.

Available in black or brown for just $50.

Design Skin Folio Wallet Case

Check out these wallet cases from Design Skin that are available in 9 different styles that just might have you buying more than one. Each case has three card slots on the inside along with a side pocket for storing cash or receipts, and every case is handcrafted with soft genuine leather that you will absolutely love.

These cases are priced between $40 and $50 depending on the style you want and also available for the

Tech21 Evo Luxe Vegan Leather Case

This stylish case with a sleek one-piece design gives you that leather touch on the back without the sometimes cumbersome folio front cover of other leather cases. It's thin enough to not impede wireless charging and is made with premium vegan leather.

Get yours for just $55.

Poetic Nubuck Credit Card Slot Case

This unique looking case combines a sturdy TPU shell with perforated PU leather around the bottom half of the case, which holds the card slot that can store up to two cards at a time.

This is also one of the more affordable cases on this list at just $13, so if you're after a unique leather case for your Galaxy S9 or, this is the case for you!

Wallet cases

Samsung LED Wallet cover

This proprietary wallet case from Samsung is cool AF. LEDs on the front cover let you see the time without exposing your screen, and you're able to respond to calls or alarms by swiping the front cover. Store your cards on the interior pocket.

Get yours for $65 direct from Samsung.

Presidio Folio case

Combine the protection you've come to expect from Speck cases with the functionality of a folio wallet case.

Get yours for just $45.

LK wallet case w/ wrist strap

The leather might be fake, but the value is incredible. Keep your phone safe and functional with a wallet case from LK available in black, purple, or rose gold.

Get yours for just $13.

Other types of cases

Samsung S-View Cover

Samsung's popular folio case with a clear cover that lets you answer calls without exposing your screen. Fold it over to create a kickstand for easy media viewing

Available direct from Samsung for $60.

RhinoShield CrashGuard bumper

An incredibly well-designed bumper case that's rugged and shock absorbing in the corners and along phone's edges — exactly where you need it most. It's quick and easy to install and lets you still fully show off the design of your phone.

You can get this minimalist case solution for just $25.

Speck Presidio GRIP

The best way to prevent your phone from drop damage is to not drop it. This case from Speck features a non-slip pattern of raised ridges on the back that's both stylish and functional.

Available for between $35 and $45 depending on the color you want.

Casetify Glitter case

Sparkly. So very sparkly. The back of these cases have glitter floating in a liquid that's all just for decoration. Also available with prints

For a case that will absolutely stand out from the crowd, get yours for just $45.

Spigen Thin Fit 360

This one is a little different than your standard cases in that it comes in four pieces — including a tempered glass screen protector — and offers 360-degree protection for your phone without adding bulk to your phone. All parts are form-fitted for your phone and it's designed to work with wirelss charging.

For a slim case with a built-in screen protector, get this case from Spigen for just $18.

Which cases stand out to you?

Got a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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