Prime Day deals on Samsung phones have been flowing since yesterday, and when we woke up today to find they'd gotten another $100 cheaper, it was certainly a deal worth sharing, but I'm here to tell you that if spending $600 on a new phone is too much, there's still a kickass Galaxy deal for you.

Meet last year's Galaxy S9, which is still a phone with phenomenal Android power in a pocket-friendly size. It was down to $450 yesterday, and today's $100 discount applies to it, too, bringing it down to $350.

$350, for a flagship phone with a top-notch camera and no frustrating hole punches on the screen. That's insane.

Finally affordable

Samsung Galaxy S9

Last year's flagship for stupidly low prices

The Galaxy S9 may be 18 months old, but it's still powerful, compact, and worthy of being your phone for the next couple of years. The camera is excellent, the display is even better, and with the Android Pie update, it feels like a whole new phone. It's fantastic for every use you'd want for a phone.

The Galaxy S10 is fantastic, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra $250 when the S9 is priced this low. $350 is less than most mid-range phones these days, and this phone is far more potent than they are, with the ridiculously good build quality and smooth software. Best of all, since the phone's been out for so long, cases and accessories can be had for cheap, cheap, cheap!

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