ESPN+ launches on Android and Chromecast for $4.99/month

The number of video streaming services that are available to choose from is pretty staggering these days, and now another one's joining the ranks in the form of ESPN+. ESPN+ is available as part of an update to the existing ESPN app, and it's made by Disney-owned BAMTech – the same company that made streaming apps for HBO and WWE.

ESPN+ is already available on a number of platforms, including Android, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, Apple TV, and on the web. The service costs $4.99/month, and if you sign up by April 18, you'll get a free 30-day trial. After that, the trial will be limited to just 7 days.

The service is accessed through the "Watch" section in the ESPN app, and it's joined by ESPN's other original and featured content.

Subscribers of ESPN+ will be able to watch one MLB and NHL game while they're in season, but you won't find any NFL or NBA games. Rather than being a replacement for the main ESPN channel offered through cable/satellite networks, ESPN+ is meant to be an extension of the content being served there. ESPN+ is, however, the sole place to watch every MLS match (national blackouts aside) in the U.S., replacing the previous MLS Live service.

Some of the shows currently available with ESPN+ include:

  • Last Days of Knight – The behind-the-scenes story of why high school All-Americans were leaving Indiana University men's basketball coach Bob Knight's program, and the subsequent fallout after the story broke.
  • Draft Academy – An 8-part documentary following six players on their journey to the 2018 NFL draft.
  • Detail – Kobe Bryant breaks down a game from the night before throughout the NBA Playoffs.

ESPN+ is also home to the company's entire archive of its 30 for 30 documentary series as well as "thousands" of hours of live tennis, boxing, golf, soccer, cricket, and rugby games. Video streams will be shown in HD at 60 FPS and you'll have controls for pausing, rewinding, etc. as you see fit.

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  • No thanks not worth $5
  • This looks very similar to the way the ESPN app is set up on Samsung Smart TVs. I'm guessing that if you already pay for ESPN through cable or satellite and sign in using your credentials, you'll get access to the content. I'm not sure. I'll just have to see, since I've been using the app for years.
  • ESPN+ is different from other video content ESPN offers. Even if you get ESPN through your TV provider, you still need to pay for ESPN+.
  • Why would anyone get these piece meal apps when $20/mo gets you HBO and 60 channels with DTV NOW?
  • What's the problem cord cutters?