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Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch have new kernel source available, look for OTAs soon

Both the Samsung Epic 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G Touch have new kernel source up at Samsung's open source portal.  The Original Epic 4G has the kernel and other open-source bits for update version EL30 ready to download, and the Epic 4G Touch has the same for version EL29.  

Usually when we see source code up for grabs at Samsung, it's soon followed by an OTA update.  We've heard rumors of both the Epic brothers getting one in the near future, but this seals the deal.  An OTA for both phones should be coming, now it's just a matter of when.  And developers -- your goodies are available at the link below.

And here's a wrinkle: Sprint's already said that it's stopped using Carrier IQ software on the server side, and it followed up by having HTC strip it from the HTC EVO 3D (and future device updates)  this week.  Might Sprint have had it stripped from Samsung ROMs, too? If it's that easy for one, might it be for more? Stay tuned.

Source: Samsung Open Source (opens in new tab); via Epic 4G Touch forums

Thanks, dtm_stretch!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • EL29 has been out in the Mod community for a week or so... XDA has details.
  • Yes they did strip Carrier IQ. There have been THREE leaks for the ET4G that all have Carrier IQ removed, one of them being EL29...
  • Yep. The leaks from the past month have ALL had CarrierIQ removed. Starting with EL13, then EL26, and the latest, EL29, which has been out a couple of weeks now.
  • When is ics coming???????
  • Or how about a fix for the constant WiFi scan that drains battery?
  • that would be nice. would be nice if they fixed some of the other bugs as well.
  • My Touch doesn't have that problem. I get great battery life.
  • I really didn't think they would do anymore work on the Epic 4G. I'm wondering if it's just pretty much the same thing with Carrier IQ removed. Hopefully they worked on some other things too.
  • Blah-blah-Carrier IQ-woof-woof. Bore me some more. I want to know if they've fixed the "Android OS bug" which causes the phone to wake up and stay awake even when you're sleeping (i.e. not using it)? I'm sick of seeing System Processes suspend and events/0 guzzling battery.
  • Gee Pee Ess
  • Cy Ann Oh Gen
  • I hope there is a GPS fix included in this as well. While the users of this site and other sites all know about rooting and custom ROMS, but what about the other 85% of Android Users who know nothing about rooting or ROMS, shouldn't their gps work too? So I hope there is a GPS fix included in EL30.
  • I still have a 3g, 4G issues. I'm always in and out of 4G coverage, and it takes forever to switch radios. My wife's OG evo doesn't have this problem at all!