If you are a Dropbox for Android user, and enjoy checking out the latest and greatest in all Android applications, you will be happy to know that the application has been updated. They have announced version, which added additional language support, along with Honeycomb support, and a number of additional fixes that are to be found publicly in version 1.1. Some of these fixes include:

  • Lock Code now protects your Dropbox from prying eyes.
  • Better checking for file modifications before uploading
  • Displays error message when SD card is full
  • Removed permission to read phone state and identity, since it's no longer needed.
  • Added permission to prevent phone from sleeping, so uploads & downloads finish when your screen turns off.
  • Mobile Tour gives an overview of Dropbox features on first login.

For full details, and download links be sure to head over to the Dropbox forums. [Dropbox]