Droid Maxx soak test for Advanced Calling in the works

Droid Maxx owners who have signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network have reported receiving an interesting email today. It seems that the Verizon-only handset is going to be undergoing a soak test for VoLTE in the very near future.

This is pretty interesting news, as this would make the Droid Maxx only the fourth phone that takes advantage of Verizon's "Advanced Calling," their branding for VoLTE. The only other devices to do so are the Galaxy S5, LG G2, and the iPhone 6.

It seems that VoLTE is slowly but surely trickling out to customers, which is great news because it offers vastly superior call quality when compared to traditional voice calls.

Have you had a chance to try out VoLTE yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

We're talking about it in the forums, hop in to get your fix!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster