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Droid Eris Users Getting 2.1 OTA Update?

First off, don't kill the messenger.  It looks like Verizon has started pushing out the long awaited Android 2.1 update ( with Sense UI ) to Droid Eris users.  Not very many people are reporting getting it, but of the few that have one user over at Androidforums makes the claim, and has pictures to back it up.

Not all is Rosie (pun intended) though.  There are reports of complete device wipes, as well as Google account sync issues.  My advice, Eris users invest in some backup software and get everything ready in case this is the "real deal" and not a technical glitch.

See Androidforums, DroidLife or our own Eris forums for more info.  Thanks Kellex for the heads up!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • thanks big red! droid please
  • If only the droid 2.1 update is as easy as the N1 OTA, then everything should be fine... Whuu, details:
  • Where's the Droid update? Must be a bigger, better, more important for the Droid if the Eris is getting it first.
  • I agree. The Droid eris getting the update before the Droid!? What is up with this?
  • Uhm...Eris is still on 1.5, so maybe that's why it's getting getting this update first.
  • ....... what?
  • Well, hopefully all the speculation is correct when people say the 2.1 update for the Droid will be bigger. If not, its really no big deal...but it would definitely be nice. And hopefully us Droid users wont experience the same problems as our Eris brethren.
  • I had a feeling today when I got the Verizon Visual Voicemail update that it might have been a compatibility issue and we would start seeing updates to 2.1 coming. Hope this is true and we will see a DROID update soon...
  • not buying it. i think maybe someone pulled the trigger when they weren't supposed to, or these are a very limited test group who leaked a few pics. just doesn't seem quite right.
  • yah i thought the same thing cuz my Visual Voicemail and Pandora both got updates today......time will only tell but a this would be a good birthday present if it came tonight or tomarrow cuz my bday is tomarrow
  • We are getting it first? These Moto Droid users are feeling maaad salty right now with their back sass.
  • I call shannigans. I don't think this is really rolling out tonight, too many unanswered questions and too random. And why didn't the update roll out with Sense?
  • My gut feeling is telling me that the reason it rolled out without sence ui is that it was not meant for the was supposed to be the droid and someone hit the wrong switch...LOL OPPS!!! Whats this button for???
  • I also don't trust this update. It doesn't seem quite right. I'd I had an Eris, I wouldn't update right now until everything seemed to be ok.
  • That's sad Androidcentral.....this is almost pathetic to create an article like this, about this. There were only TWO people that reported getting the "said" move along people, nothing to see here
  • i call bs. the pics have the exact same screens showing but the phone is on 2 different surfaces. looks like both clocks show the same time and same battery life. also they are both cut off at the same exact place. i call bs.
  • shawheim i think the shots are from two different sources...i've been jumping from forum to forum....and there are reports people are getting the ota but some are having trouble.
  • If this is true the someone plzzz port this to the HTC hero....
    We can't wait another 2 months for 2.1!!!
  • How about some video evidence? :-)
  • If the update has indeed come to the Eris before the Droid, this is a considerable failure on the part of both Verizon and Motorola. It leaves me asking the question "What's wrong with Motorola" (to which there are indeed a number of valid answers). It also leaves me asking the question "What's wrong with Verizon" (to which there are also a significant number of valid answers). It would certainly be embarassing for Verizon to release an update to 2.1 for one of their lower-priced non-flagship phones before releasing it to the Droid. It would also, to me at least, signal that Motorola and Verizon are indeed incapable of adequately supporting the timelines and needs of their established user base. While not immediately problematic for Verizon and Motorola, this will go a long way to causing people like me to make future purchasing decisions based upon the perceived support (or lack thereof) for their products. With the upcoming move to LTE, and the "trial run" of Google directly selling the Nexus One to consumers, companies like Verizon need to take notice and be concerned. Delays in releasing anticipated software updates from cell phone carriers will only cause people like me to shift equipment purchases away from carriers and directly to companies like Google, who (at present) appear to be giving their direct-sales products better upgrade support anyway. Motorola should be embarassed that the Eris may be getting updated to 2.1 before the Droid. It shows how incapable and inept they are at post-sales support activities for consumers. What good is having a good design and good phone if the updates are essentially outdated before they're delivered? Part of the joy in owning a flagship phone like the Droid is getting "bragging rights" for having updates before other phones-- denying Droid owners this joy is likely causing at least some of us to reconsider our overall post-sales satisfaction with the "Droid experience".
  • Coming from Blackberry I will have to totally disagree with you about this. I have learned updates come when updates come. I don't think this is a failure for moto or vzw. If anything, what I've noticed since I've gotten my droid is that moto, for the most part, pays attention to people and what they post/tweet. Which makes me think when they prematurely posted what the 2.1 update was for the droid and they saw boards and posts flame up about "how come we don't get this" or "why didn't they include that". They may have pulled back the update to include maybe a few of these changes. I speak with pure speculation of course. But once again, this is far from a failure on any companies part but it's just further proof no matter how good an update, no matter how hard the work, someones gonna bash you on the internet cause they want want want.
  • If Motorola was paying attention to what people were posting to begin with, they wouldn't have even considered pushing a crippleware version of Android 2.1 in the first place. I don't understand why people on the forums are willing to cut Motorola some slack and spin them as being responsive to customers' desires, when they were providing what was clearly an unsatisfactory update to begin with and are now forcing customers to wait even longer because of the mistake. I'll happily give praise to Motorola, Verizon, Google, and anybody else when it's deserved. I just don't think it's deserved in this case. 2.1 has been out for a month now, and is running on other phones. HTC appears to have upgraded their phones from 1.5/1.6 to 2.1 while also upgrading their Sense UI. Why is it apparently so hard for Motorola and Verizon to get their collective act together for Droid users?
  • different hardware, different update. I also have to guess HTC has had the 2.1 software for a lot longer then moto seeing how the nexus one was built by HTC. I'm not here saying Moto is a good of giving us at what we want. I too was disappointed with the lacking features of the update, but we all just assumed everything we saw on the nexus one was stock 2.1 and not just made for the N1. It's been a long long time since moto was a named player in the phone gang, and i don't know if they're are gonna stay there. But I've seen them make more information public including times lines and update details then I did when I had my BB. I know "coming soon" doesn't help you sleep at night, but it's better then nothing at all.
  • 100% agree with everyting clr007
  • How is this a failure on motorola's part? Because a different phone got an update before the droid? God, you people expect every company you do business with to bend over backwards to make sure that you are as happy as can be. Please's your droid working on 2.0.1? Mine's great. Best phone I've owned. How about stopping all the whining, and enjoying what you have? Blah, blah, blah...if you're that unhappy, sell your droid and buy something else...Freaking whiners.
  • I'm thinking of things this way... Suppose you bought a plane ticket in the first class cabin. Then suppose you were seated there, and the flight attendants started serving drinks to the coach class customers before they got to you. Or suppose they offered the same meal to the coach class customers, and then served them before they served you. In either of those situations I'd certainly be an incredibly unhappy customer. It's the same way with the Droid. The Droid is Verizon's flagship phone (at least it is right now). It cost more than the Eris, and it's been promoted more than the Eris. It's what has brought Android into the spotlight for most people. The Droid is the first class plane ticket, and, by comparison, the Eris is the coach seat. If the 2.1 upgrade for the Eris is ready now, and the 2.1 upgrade with the same features isn't ready for the Droid, then I consider it a failure on Motorola's part. This means that HTC was able to do all the work that Motorola is having to do with 2.1 customization and testing (probably more, in reality, since the Eris wasn't a 2.0 phone)-- plus update their Sense UI-- in less time than it's taking Motorola to put out a 2.1 update to a 2.0 stock phone. That's embarassing, and Motorola should be ashamed that they're not able to accomplish customer support tasks within a timeframe that keeps their company competitive with their rivals. If both operating systems are ready with Verizon, and Verizon has chosen to test and release the upgrade for the Eris first, then they should be ashamed. They are, in essence, thumbing their collective nose at those of us who spent the extra money to purchase their flagship phone, thinking that it would be better supported than others. If both the Droid and Eris 2.1 updates were ready at the same time, Verizon's better move would have been to sit on the Eris upgrade and test/push the Droid upgrade first thereby giving appropriate priority and attention to those of us who own the flagship phone. I see this as a failure on either Motorola's part or Verizon's part for the reasons cited above. It's not that the Droid isn't great, or that 2.0.1 isn't a good OS. It's about receiving the priorty and attention that one expects to receive when one owns the flagship phone for a carrier. It's not whining-- it's being a responsive customer. How else are Motorola and Verizon to know that their customers are dissatisfied with the current level of support provided for their product?
  • Stop being bitter, you're just complaining for 1.) because you can 2.) because a cheaper phone is getting it before you and you want it because it was supposed to come earlier(supposed!)(if you want it root). Who cares we've waited long enough atleast you have 2.0.1 so qq else where like in your pillow. Stop flaming and trolling.
  • That plane analogy doesn't work. We paid for an extra 100 bucks for 2.0 and have a solid solid phone. Never did I read "hey if you buy this phone we'll always take care of you first and give you the best update". if you really think thats how the smart phone world works you must be new to smart phone. You're a flagship phone for a week. then your the old model
  • Perfectly said Vacuus!
  • Wow this is crazy if it real but have you guys seen this video it's got the pinch page view and live wall papers I thought the droid wasn't even getting live wallpapers?
  • Holy Cow...that video is awesome...I so hope its not a fake...I want it!!! I want to make my brother inlaw jealous by getting the update before his droid!! hehe...Has anyone else received the update besides these few people? Has anyone seen anything official released from any of the companies yet?
  • WOW! You sure can tell that all the whiners in here came from the IPhone! It's that same me me me mentality. You all need to get a grip on reality and get a life outside your DROID. I mean really. Its sad.
  • What you Droid users paid "First Class" for was Motorola's Hardware & bragging rights of having the latest and greatest software ship with the apposed to every other phone running Android 1.6 or below. You were not guaranteed anything beyond that... Get over yourself.
  • I can agree with this. I bought my Droid knowing I had 2.0, and that 2.0 was coming to the eris, but I wanted the keyboard and I honestly liked the build quality on my moto droid better. will I get 2.1? Yup. Do I feel cheated cause a cheaper (100 dollars cheaper btw and it was prob only 100 dollar cheaper cause they didn't spend so much money on advertising costs) got the update first? not at all. I mean yeah, I wish I had it, but the differences I see between 2.01 and 2.1 aren't so much I feel like I am walking around with a paper weight till I get it.
  • ...I think I'mma gonna need a fireproof browser....
  • Eris user here. I dont know if this is true but i havent gotten any type of update.
  • I think its pretty much been said that this OTA is just for testers. So lets not all go crazy anyways.
  • No update here either with my Eris. I can see HTC potentially rolling out the update to their phones first for lots of reasons (marketing, HTC made, not ready for the Moto, the list goes on), but so far it looks way too random to be official. I'm thinking the crazy technology of today is "wagging the dog" and probably just a hoax. My three cents...
  • I went to the VZW store and the sales executive showed me an email on his blackberry that he received at 3:07pm EST that said Verizon was updating the Eris to 2.1
  • But did it say it was happening at a specific time, or was that just that, yes the eris is getting 2.1 eventually?
  • The update has not officially been announced yet. Moto and HTC control the software releases, not Verizon. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  • It did not see a date in the email but he was trying to get me to buy the Eris and said "it currently is running on 1.5 but got updated today to 2.0 uh I mean 2.1. I just got the email on blackberry.....see"
  • when i got my droid eris it updated to 1.17 right after i set it up. i love my phone the way it is. when the update comes out i will love it even more. so, i'm not sweating about not getting the update before someone else. i get when i get it.
  • For those of you who just can?t wait to get the 2.1 update on your Droid Eris, the developers at the XDA Developer Forum have rooted the Eris and leaked a working ROM for 2.1. Read more here: