Droid Eris update coming July 16

That's right Droid Eris users, Verizon did not forget you -- there's a software update coming on July 16 that's slated to fix a whole slew of audio and contacts issues.  When the update to Android 2.1 rolled around, there was quite a bit of disappointment as things were, shall we say, broken, and with the Eris being discontinued everyone thought that was the end of bug-fixes and other software enhancements.  Nice to see that wasn't the case, and Verizon hasn't forgotten it's customers who prefer the smaller, but still sexy, Eris.  Hit the break to see another leaked screen shot with some information about exactly what is getting fixed.  [DroidLife]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I don't know anyone that has this phone but its good to see them fixing even their older line. (Old being an odd concept for a phone still under contract for first day purchasers).
  • Yes as a owner of the ERIS Im glad to see this. With all the new phone that have come out I worried they forgot about it. also I'm concerned it will not get 2.2. I will take any update they want to push to it.
  • Hopefully this "fix" will due the following: -poor battery life (even worse with 2.1 update)
    -performance issues/tremendous amounts of memory being used/lag on keyboard
    -Sense UI constantly force closing
    -Sense keyboard closing or the anonymous back screen while typing in programs such as the messaging app & Handecent
    -sms messages not being sent "unable to send" message
    -LED light
    -wifi & bluetooth connectivity problems
  • I gave vzw almost this same list plus a few others and they sent me another Eris. 15 min out of the box and over half of the errors occurred again. Called back and with a little finesse I got a moto Droid. Couldn't be happier.
  • I did the same thing in April, when it seemed 2.1 would never come. They told me if I could wait another 2weeks, they would ship me an Incredible on launch day, for no charge. I was and still am happy! Definitly the phone I want most out of any device out there. It took a few emails and some persistance, but the results were great imo. A lesson learned.
  • Would you mind teaching that lesson learned? I have been having similar issues with my Eris, and Im just about done with it. If this update (which I just recieved today) doesnt fix the many problems Im having, I would absolutly love to get a newer phone. Im currently on my second Eris.
  • Too little too late for me when the 15th rolls around hopefully I'm done with my eris and owning a droid x
  • You mean the non-LTE 4G Droid X?
  • Obvious troll is obvious. Is that really necessary? Isn't it past your bedtime?
  • My best friend recently got this phone at a discounted price along with employee discount through best buy mobile. He likes it but with the X coming around the corner,it's time for an upgrade.DROID
  • The Eris is a good entry level Droid device. But I will be switching to the X come Thursday.
  • As a Droid Eris (2.1 OTA) user, I am very happy and quite surprised. Verizon owes me nothing and yet, here comes a little help. I was nutso for live wallpapers and speech to text, seems like that won't happen. That's fine. Just to get 2.1 I was happy and I know there will be no 2.2. Thanks VZW....
  • Wow, not too often anymore that you see people actually appreciative about what they have. Kudos to nkwebb140, we need more people around that don't expect the world to be handed to them or that they are "owed" just for being a customer.
  • ive had nothing but issues since the update... ive gone through two phones for trackball issues.. got #3 last friday and it doesnt get calls/make calls... camera doesnt work! WTF right? so theyre sending me another one. all they offered me was to extend my contract and get a phone at the 2 year price... geeezz red give me some love here... :(
  • Keep trying different CSRs and eventually you'll find a sympathetic one who may be able to help you.
  • htc incredible will be getting 2.2 upgrade starting the 16 of july as well.
  • [Citation needed]
  • I got a question, on the verizon website it says i can upgrade to a new phone even though i got my eris on January this year for full price. I wasn't able to update until April(my contract ended on August for my old phone) so i got it for full price on January(500$). I'm just wondering can i get a droid incredible off their website for 200$ with a new contract or was it just a error on the verizon website. If it was then i am going to go into a deep depression and cry in my bed until me contract ends on 2012.
  • You can upgrade. You said your original upgrade date was sometime in April, so you opted to buy a phone at full price, meaning it had NO CONTRACT commitment. We're now past April, so your upgrade date now applies, and you're good to go. I'm a VZW Sales Rep, and even though I've been out of the game fulfilling some military (Air Force) duties, I still end up helping many folks out with cellphone/VZW questions. Get yourself a phone dude!
  • I got The Offer, too. The Eris is so cool - and SO unreliable. Mine went dead today and refused to be charged. Battery life is worse than ever with new update - needs to be charged twice a day at least. I've gone through three copies of the phone, one hard reset, and the third battery is on the way. But is the Incredible battery life any better? And the SAR values on the Droid X - I mean, 1.4+ on the head AND even on the body? Plus the screens reportedly are failing at a high rate. It is unbelievable that Verizon are making those of us with the Eris pay over $300 to get out of the contract. They should be paying us to have been the guinea pigs in their effort to hold on to customers thinking about leaving to get iPhones. I'll gladly mail the Eris back, even pay the postage. They need lots of refurbs.
  • Ok I just got my Eris a two weeks ago with firmware 1.5 have not recieved updates to 2.1 So in this new update, will I still be running 1.5 with enhancements? Or will this update include 2.1??? 2.1 has features I really want in the phone that I do not have with version 1.5. Any input would be great.
  • I believe you wont get an update unless you are running on android OS 2.1, but that's just what i think no need to lose hope.
  • I purchased my Eris 1 week ago and didn't get the update for 2.1 either. But I found the software that Verizon uses to manually put 2.1 on your phone. Check it out, worked like a charm for me bro. Link: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/92096-verizons-ruu-official-2-1-...
  • @new: I purchased my Eris 1 week ago and didn't get the update for 2.1 either. But I found the software that Verizon uses to manually put 2.1 on your phone. Check it out, worked like a charm for me bro. Link: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/92096-verizons-ruu-official-2-1-...
  • This update is is welcome greatly in my household. My wife was missing her iPhone badly after we switched back to Verizon due to lack of AT&T coverage at our new house (I'm sure you've never heard that before right?), and this was only compounded by the Blackberry Tour she was using. I opted to add a line and get here an Eris, and she ended up liking it quite a bit better. The 2.1 update ruined that though. She complains about her phone now just as much as the Tour she had. I really hope that this update takes the Eris back to it's pretty darn good former self, because I don't want this phone to ruin her experience with Android.
  • Eris has a few problems, namely freezing and lagging problems. I honestly think this has more to do with its processing power and RAM than its software. It's hard to program for a phone where the devs don't have any elbow room to make adjustments to make it a lot better. Therefore I can't blame them... I'm surprised so many people got these new phones just by complaining to Verizon. It's not a stretch to say the Droid Incredible is twice as good as the Eris.