Droid Available On Amazon for $109.99

Even with the Nexus One available, we still love our Droid here at Android Central. The hard lines, the matte black, the beautiful screen--it's still an absolutely wonderful device that is a better smartphone than nearly every other smartphones out there. And that wonderful device just got a little more affordable. Amazon has dropped the price of the Motorola Droid to $109.99 (opens in new tab) (with new 2-year contract). On that same note, the Android Central Phone Store has the Droid for the same price!

If you're not a Droid fan, the Droid Eris is still only $9.99 (with new 2-year contract) on Amazon (opens in new tab) and actually completely FREE at the Android Central Phone Store. Now that's highway robbery!

Or if you're kind of crazy and want to spend more money, Verizon is still offering BOGO for the Droid Eris. Buy a Droid or Droid Eris, get a Droid Eris free, you know the deal. (opens in new tab)

[via androinica]

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Casey Chan
  • How would it work buying through here when I have a credit in my account to apply to a new phone? Would the credit apply to the purchase? Would Verizon apply the credit on my next bill? Or, would the credit just sit in my account or lose it?
  • Are you able to carry your number to amazon purchased phones that have a contract? That even beats my new every two price of $149.99, this is a super steal. Think about it, the 16GB card is $45, so your paying a big chunk just on the SDHC card. Totally worth it, I'm sending this from my droid