DROID and DROID Eris Getting OTA Update on December 11th ?

If your Verizon DROID or DROID Eris has been acting up lately, fear not, it looks like Verizon is well aware of all the DROID and DROID Eris' bugs and problems and will address them in an OTA (over-the-air) update on December 11th. Internal documents suggest that a slew of fixes are coming, both hardware and software related. Our eyes have narrowed in on the DROID's "camera auto-focus sometimes never autofocusing issue" and we're hoping the firmware fix will help improve the DROID's middling camera.

We'd like to know if any users are experiencing problems with their DROID or DROID Eris. Let us know in the comments For what it's worth, our DROID hasn't really had that many problems. 

For the full list of fixes, feel free to hit the link!


  • My moto Droid crashes about 10 times or more a day going to Verizon today.
  • My first droid crashed, no joke, 50 times within the first 24 hours. Took is back, Verizon gave me a new, that has never crashed. There appears to be a few "lemons" in the batch. Verizon was great on the replacement.
  • That is not true. "My Journey" on the Droid ERIS is as follows,
    I called Veizon C/S signed up for contract and ordered ERIS. rcvd next day.... days later it crashed after it powered down... Factory reset did not work. Drove to a Kansas city store replaced, was so excited.... was on till 3am. I fell asleep, ph battery died when I woke up next day put on chrg, ph had crashed again within 24 hrs. Factory reset worked. Ph worked fine over next week and half.... last wend. ph crashed. It was running slow, I powered it down turned on, BOOM it had errored out/crashed This is so frustrating. There is something about powering down. I have wasted so much time on ph, will prob switch verizon and get IPHONE!
    here are errors:
    Sorry! The process com.google.process.gapps.has stopped unexpectedly.pls try again
    Sorry! the process com.Android.phone has stopped unexpecttdly.pls try again There was one about the accore or something.
  • Droid ERIS.... crashed 3 times exchange ph once, has crashed 2 times on this ph. One was ordered online and shipped the other went to a store and exchanged.
    the process com.google.process.gapps.has stopped unexpecttedly. pls try again
    the process com.Android.phone has stopped unexpecttedly.pls try again
    and some about An ACCORE..... HELP!
  • My Droid got it's update this morning.....and all of my contacts are gone except two of them???? What the heck happened..how do I get them back? If I go to my call log and click on last calls the info still shows up as if its still in my phone somewhere...but not in my contacts! HELP!
  • go to your gmail account, hopefully on your PC. under your mail account, you'll see "all contacts......make sure that is checked....you'll get all your contacts back on the next sync
  • I agree! Same happened to me. I was having to take the battery out of my Droid between 10 to 20 times a day to "soft re-boot" once they gave me a new one its is all better! : ) Love this phone!
  • My Eris is so slow. sometimes taking more than 5 seconds to change between screens. Sometimes the vibrations dont work on the buttons, causing you to hit them more than once, then it turns out you hit it 10 times and it registers the number ten times. Im not sure I am going to keep this phone....getting on my nerves. I keep dialing the wrong people too....it really is rediculously slow.
  • My email (POP not Gmail) is not working correctly. It doesn't always grab email every 15 minutes like it is set. It can go 10 hours or more without downloading any email, even when I know there is email on the server because I have sent test messages. It gets stuck at loading from time to time and I will have to "kill" the email program with ATK and reopen the client to get it to download email. Even more frustrating, it more often than not downloads the same email over and over after I have deleted it from the phone. I found over 10 copies of the same email in my Trash folder. Gmail works fine. I love the phone, but this is unacceptable for a smart phone and from what I've been able to gather on the web, Android has been having problems with its native email client for over a year.
  • Bob are you stupid? Don't you research purchases before buying? If you are nervous then WHY ADOPT EARLY TECHNOLOGY IDIOT!
  • Can someone who isn't an imbecile respond to Bob's question/points? I'm having the exact same issues as he is, and no one from Motorola or Verizon seems to want to even acknowledge that it's happening. I see it referenced around on different boards, but no one ever answers. I need my email to WORK and be reliable 100% of the time. It is currently unacceptable, and warrants returning of this phone. Is that my only option, or is this acknowledged and a fix planned?
  • check your email settings, there is an option at the end of the setup if you want to be able to delete mail from the server, default is never (I've heard on other posts it depends on the configuration/type of connection to your email server, but it gives me the option on mine).
  • How is checking off "delete mail from server" have anything to do with what Bob was asking help with? I too am having issues with my Comcast Pop3 account. One thing you can do Bob is use the free app K-9 Mail...seems to work fine with POP mail accounts. Good luck!
  • Same issue. Verizon tech support admittede there is a problem and recommended I go back to a blackberry. Nice. I get to burn a couple hours at a Verizon store because they pushed out a bad product.
  • Same issue. Verizon tech support admittede there is a problem and recommended I go back to a blackberry. Nice. I get to burn a couple hours at a Verizon store because they pushed out a bad product.
  • I have the exact same problem! My email wont work, just my gmail, but not my charter.net email nor my corporate email.
  • Doesn't support Yahoo??? The main reason I replaced this phone from my Blackberry, was the speed, and lack of issues known to RIM devices... If I can't receive mail from my 5 different accounts, this Droid may not stay here too long... Fedex is delivering today... Also are you telling me it isn't instant push email like my BB??? WTF......
  • I meant lack of issues on this phone vs the vast issues to RIM phones...
  • My Droid locked up. I waited and tried to turn it off, but nothing. I had to take the battery out and turn it back on. It has also randomly shut off 3 or 4 times since I got it on Sunday. The phone is fully charged. I can't wait until the 11th to see if the upgrade helps because if it doesn't, I can't return the phone! I thought this would be better than my BB :(
  • There is a certain percentage of Droid phones that are defective. The symptom is crashing - if you see 'the bat' (Motorola's white logo) you have a crasher. If you have a crasher, I wouuldn't hold my breath for an over the air fix. And if it's a hardware problem, well, it can't be fixed over the air. At the Motorola Droid forum, many people have returned their crashers (hem-droids) for a non-crasher. I bought one crasher and one non-crasher, replaced one on Saturday, and all has been good since then. If you have a crasher, take it back. It may not be fixable, and may never work properly. If you can force the crash repeatedly, demonstrate it to Verizon. They already know about this prolem.
  • You mentioned "crasher" droids and white Motorola bat icons. My Droid boots with a white circled logo and actually a black bat. Is that what you are talking about? How can it be that easy to identify crashers and non-crashers, is someone pulling my leg?
  • you said if you see motorolas white logo you have a crasher? hoping your not talking about when you first turn it on, mine did that. just got it today and i am waiting for it to charge. speaking of which how do i know when it is fully charged without seeing the screen?
  • I have the eris and i'm having similar problems as to the phone locking up from time to time. usually it will last about five to twenty min but the last time it was over an hour. taking out the battery to reboot the phone will solve the problem but it is an inconvenience since the phone takes several minutes to boot up. i'm hoping this update resolves the problem because this is a big inconvenience. something else that should be noticed, when composing a new text message or searching something on youtube/google you can only enter the name with ABC rather then T9. you should be able to toggle between the two.
  • December 11 is unacceptable... thats well a month from tomorrow! That puts most users a week outside the return time... that's crap and big red should know better! I have tons of issues wit my droid... I have hd to backspace a millon times already writing this because the fou can't keep up wit what I'm writing. I'm not talkin about typos but actually missing registering the letter. It freezes about 15-20 times a day... or everytime twitter updates or I get a msg or im or just wake the fone up for that matter. My battery life is terrible I get about 8hrs on a charger. That's with twitter updating eery half hour and just receiving text. I sometimes can't press anything on the screen as well. I will go to press anit won't register. I will have to a battery pull just to get it to work rite. I find myself doing battery pulls at least once an hour. Another issue is most of the apps don't work properly on the droid because te screen is larger and its running 2.0. What's thpoint of having a nice new OS if its buggy and not compatible? I'm going to exchange it and see if I can get a different one that works better. If not I'm going to the Eris
  • I believe I am going to return my right at 29th day and then purchase again on December 11th after the over the air fix. Maybe then it will be better. I have a Droid Eris and I am entering my yahoo information correctly and it keeps giving the "authentication failed" message. Anyone have a fix for that?
  • The yahoo POP doesn't work because you have to pay yahoo a monthly fee to have your email accessed by a POP server. It has nothing to do with the phone. I'm sure of this because I have mac mail and the same thing happened to me when it tried to access yahoo, so I switched to gmail.
  • Yahoo can work on the android phones. I got it to work on my Eris without any problems....after I found this link.
    Just follow the instructions. It worked perfectly after experiencing the same problems you mentioned. It was all in the settings.
  • i called the 1st day i got the droid on Nov 6th and a nice lady at tech support helped me set up my Yahoo email account. she had to call me back later in the day. she had to call yahoo or something and get it straightened out. but it works now. i don't like the email system like the blackberry. i like this phone but just wish the emails were available just like my curve was.
  • followed the instructions that he posted. worked well I now have my gmail, hotmail, and yahoo on my eris.
  • 1. New Technology, 2. Your fault for buying it and all the hype, 3. battery pulls - might as well get a BB, 4. Flat physical keyboard, 5. Slider has possible wobble/rocking motion if slide-out isn't dead-on., 6. Somewhat slow browser speeds (VZ might say they have 3G everywhere but it depends on your signal strength DUH DUH DERRRRR) 7. Device is heavy, 8. 256mb for app storage - come'on (unless 2.0 allows apps to save to the memory card? yet to hear about this spec.) Seems like a 'fail' to me, sorry VZ/Android DON'T THINK SO!!!
  • 1. Thanks captain obvious
    2. How is the hype his fault
    3. You must be a BB fanboy
    4. Some prefer a keyboard, at least one has an option
    5. blah blah
    6. Verizon by far has the best 3g coverage and what not. Just check online..
    7. You must be weak
    8. Yes
    9. You probably didn't get a droid because you can't afford it All joking aside, I think the droid is a decent smart phone.
  • Fanboy this Fanboy that, Blah blah blah... Android Fanboy. LOL
  • I was having problems with Gmail and Google Talk not staying open ... the app would open and after finishing loading the page or signing in, would instantly crash. Also had HORRID battery life. And had one instance where sending an SMS crashed the radio and the phone needed a reboot. Got a new phone after demonstrating the problems with Gmail/Google Talk to the store rep, battery life has significantly improved, however I just had the radio crash with an SMS conflict. We'll see.. I do hope VZW is aware of this radio crashing issue, I would like to see that part fixed. Otherwise I like my Droid (this, of course, in refernce to the Eris, not the Moto).
  • Point taken above^^^^
  • Add another to the crash reboot freeze people.
    I also am taking it back. Gotta love gadgets to be this patient.
    Also didn't realize it won't work in most other countries either (CDMA vs GSM), and I didn't realize it has only 256MB for apps (usable). Some said they are working on a way for apps to make use of the card, but why so small memory?? isn't it kind of dirt cheap nowdays? Droid 0.5GB RAM others like 32GB. The camera leaves a lot to be desired, but fortunately I don't care much about that.
  • Hoping this wont be another Storm nightmare, so far I haven't had reboot issues or apps locking up, but I do have a problem with my return button working on repeated pushes, sometimes it will work on a second push most of the time it doesn't. Camera seems to be ok, but haven't taken alot of pics. I do get tired of having to feel around on top to find the power button to wake it up, a screen touch to get to the screen unlock option would be nice but other than that I am good. Hopefully this VZW push will fix mine and everyones issues and we won't end up drowning in another Storm ha ha ha ha.
  • My Moto Droid is working flawlessly. It's funny how people pick on the weight and the memory.
    Droid: 169 grams, 256m memory Storm 2: 160 grams 256M memory HTC Touch Pro 2: 178.5 grams 288M memory
  • No one cares about the S2 or the HTC TP2 b/c they're in version 2 now. Old news...
  • My Droid works great. I took it home and loaded it with about 50 apps just to see if it blinked. So far it has been running pretty much perfect. I have noticed a couple of times where I had to hit the back button more than once but otherwise it works fine.
  • I too am quite happy so far. Have given it a good run through. My only complaint,too, is the number of times you must hit return key, and all bottom row of keys actually. The bottom menu buttons all seem to need an extra one or two hits, but I certainly can live with that. I guess it's time to see what the "WILL RETURN PHONE" complaints add up to. If it's less than 6% of the total phones sold so far, it's a success ( to this point ) by any standards. We all know new technology is a risk, no one forced you to be a path-finder, so remember that when you're swearing at it for not doing something you thought it should do! Just return it if you don't like it, that's all I can say. The world goes on. There are far more serious problems in the world! Agreed?
  • I returned one because of the crashing issue. Now all is well. I noticed that the first droid with the problems was made on Oct 9th and the new one was made on Oct 16th.
  • Mine started having issues after I tried a couple of apps and customized. First thing I did was reset to factory settings and reconfigure. Worked fine for a bit, so I installed a barcode scanner and tried a game. I removed the game and customized my icons, e.g., moving some to the wings and adding others like power control. This us when it started screwing up the autodim and I shut it down and rebooted, which fixed it If I left the powerbar buttons alone. I also enabled draw to unlock. Shortly afterwards it got a LOT worse. I glanced over this morning and watched it crash. It now crashes constantly, frequently after resume from standby. Yes, it's new tech, and I have >20 years temperance for bleeding edge, but the COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF A LOG ENTRY blows my mind. I will have to try the developer drivers to get debug info. For those of you led to believe that not supporting Yahoo means you can't do it, you were given bad information. The verizon droid does it just fine. Google "IMAP droid yahoo" in any combination you wish.
  • Came back to update my post; replaced Droid, MUCH better experience. I'd brought a log of everything I'd done to the phone, including steps I'd taken to try to fix it, as well as research indicating that some types of crashes warrant replacement to the Verizon outlet, clearly explained what was happening, offered (but didn't need the rep to take) the problem sheet, and got the phone replaced on the spot. Not only was the customer service excellent, my replacement phone has worked flawlessly from receipt. Battery problems are gone, hang -> "white bat" (rebooting) is gone, and the only thing that occasionally occurs is a warning that I might need to "force close" something...which I suspect is usually because sometimes I'm faster than the phone. This is not a real problem for me. Digressing, I strongly recommend that people try waiting once before "force closing" as there may be a race condition. In EVERY case where I have gotten a force-close warning, I have waited, and the application immediately returned to responsive. For the benefit of others, here are the relevant details from my replacement phone: Model Number: Droid
    Firmware version: 2.0
    Baseband version: C_01.3B.01P
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-omap1-g04df51f
    android-build@apa26 #477
    Build Number: ESD20 And, from the label behind the battery:
    Build week/year: 41/09 I don't know my previous hardware, but I do share the experience of many others: replacing the phone often results in proper behavior. For everyone's reference, there is a large thread on build/hardware versions here:
    * http://verizonwireless.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1587028 So far, people aren't finding a strong correlation in hardware/software -> stability, but I do share the experience of many: after starting over from defaults to make sure it isn't just you dinking with the settings, replacing the phone results in proper behavior. As a final comment, the Verizon rep recounted a story where a NIB developer phone crashed immediately on first use, and they had to have it replaced. Word on the street is that there's a bad batch floating around; if you have one of these, you might help the rest of us by including your build information with the tracking groups.
  • Brand new user (switched from blackberry which I loved but wanted more). Two main issues thus far: 1. moved addressed from bb and synced to my google account, but some addresses have last name first and others first. Can't get them to all go to last name first. 2. Can't get my charter.net e-mails to be accepted by Droid. Help anyone? ps. I did put the droid to silent so it wouln't drooooiid me all night.
  • What I would like to know is why it doesnt have the time/weather widget likt the Eris has, and pretty much every other android. I got the Droid and my wife got the Eris and we both have no issues with them. But I really like the time/weather widget she has on hers.
  • Search for "weather" in the market.
  • It's because that time/weather widget is from HTC's sense, their custom Android UI. The Droid just has the standard Android UI
  • Doesn't the Droid have 512 MB internal memory?
  • Yes, but only 256mb is dedicated for app storage/memory
  • More as a comment for visitors thinking 256MB is low, if "only" 256MB is a limiting factor in your choice, perhaps using a laptop for your processing needs is a better user choice. FWIW, I've been a technophile for 25 years and am not limited by the device's internal memory. There are rumors (perhaps erroneous, unverified) that a future update may allow apps to live on the 16GB (default, up to 32GB) secondary storage. Since the OS is open source, even if it isn't an "official" update, someone else may still look to offer it.
  • Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a crashing Droid. I'm planning on hitting up a Verizon store later today to ask about it. Besides the crashing...I LOVE the phone.
  • So much for the OTA update yesterday! I hate when people hand out bullshit info!
  • That's DECEMBER 11TH YA IDIOT!!! OMG... not Novemeber 11th. It's right on the title, YESH... PAY ATTENTION
  • Heyy. I got the Droid the first day it came and so far I have no complaints except for the camera. I came from the HTC Imagio which has an amazing 5MP camera and for the same type of 5MP camera on the Droid, it does not take nearly as good pictures as the HTC Imagio. Please post back if you know of anything to help fix this or should I just wait forthe OTA update?
  • Got the droid on Sat the 7 everything ok one freeze i removed the battery the on the 11 Radio was off so i sut the phone off and it wuold not turn on just had the bootloader screen went to verizon they checked it out for twenty min and gave me a new one.
  • I am running into a major issue with gmail notification. It only notifies on the first email and will not notify again, until you acknowledge the email, then it will notify again the next time. Here is the link to this bug. I certainly hope that this is fixed in the Dec 11th release. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=4190&colspec=ID%20Type... Thanks
  • Hi , I just got my droid a couple of weeks ago. I switched from AT&T with the iPhone to the Droid. I have had a couple of issues I cannot figure out.I don't know if they are bugs, just not possible on the droid, or I'm being a space cadet and can't figure it out. I was hoping you could help me!! 1. when I go to compose a new text message, it will not allow me to access my contacts or pull them up once I've typed in their name. Only way to do it is to manually type in the phone number. or go to the contact and then choose text message. 2. I cannot copy and paste from my emails.
    3. I cannot save documents from emails to my phone. 4. I cannot figure out how to send a message to another person from my Facebook app. 5. CALL WAITING!! I can answer a call that is beeping in, but I cannot hang up on either caller without hanging up on both! VERY ANNOYING!! any help you can give would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  • I work for Verizon and I've had my Droid since the 3rd (last Tuesday). So far I've had no hw issues whatsoever. I've had a few force closes with some d/l apps but I attribute that mostly to apps that aren't yet setup for 2.0. I am aware of some random hw issues and problems cropping up on some of the Droids but I haven't yet gotten anything direct from VZW about the "white bat" mentioned above. I've personally sold maybe 15 Droids so far and I've yet to see one exchanged. Of course there may have been some exchanges that I haven't personally done. Anyway, if I can help anyone here with Droid questions or VZW policy info, please feel free to hit me up on twitter. I'll be looking into the white bat issue and try to get some more details about the OTA update.
  • You make a good point; this is a NEW operating system, so... Folks, if the application you're installing doesn't *explicitly* say it's updated for version 2.0, well....using a Droid OS means that *anyone* (your neighbors, family members, etc) can be one of the scores of developers on this platform, and--paid or not, schooled or not--they may or may not have the time, energy, skills, or resources to update on your schedule. Still, it can't hurt to remind your favorites that there is a growing 2.0 user base, and it doesn't hurt to support them while they get it right.
  • POP 3 email not refreshing every 15 or 30 minutes like the settings show- in fact there is no push email at all since the Verizon rep configured my Droid earlier today! Also- visual vx mail messages can NOT be heard throough Bluetooth earpiece! Anyone know something?
  • Just bought the Moto Droid yesterday at Costco. It has been crashing and rebooting with the bat constantly ever since. I'm going to Costco today to exchange it. I love the phone when it doesn't crash. Unfortunately, that's very rare. I'm not turned off, just want a new one and i'll cross my fingers that the problem will be resolved.
  • One additional thing- The phone also locked up during a phone call just now. It still worked fine as a phone, but I was unable to hang up. I had to pull the battery to hang up. Costco just opened and I'm on my way as soon as I can get my 4 year old daughter to get cooperate.
  • Email App Hang and Push email from Exchange 2007 Issues? Let me start by saying this is the best smart phone I have ever had. Of course there are problems but all but one (hardware keyboard design) can be fixed with software patches. These are the main problems I have been having. 1. I have had to force quit the email app many times, usually when the app is in the background. 2. Yesterday the phone lost all email settings and when I launched the email app the phone prompted me to set up an account? 3. Push from our company's Exchange 2007 server works when it wants to. (This is definitely a big problem being in my position; I need to get email alerts immediately) Most of the time to receive new email I have to refresh the account I hope there is a fix soon. I am a system admin for my company and personally set up the Exchange 2007 server. The server works solid with iPhones, WinMo phones, and even "plays" well with our BES server. I don’t believe this problem is just a case of a misconfiguration on either the phone or Exchange side. Is anyone else having these issues? Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions to these issues? Also is there anyway to get spell check for email, it is imperative in most corporate environments. I also see that the "FIX" will come out after most droid owners 30 day return period is up. How convenient.
  • The email unless u are using Gmail will not allow u to forward attachments. Also, I cannot get it to sync my outlook calendar. Also sometimes the screen jumps out of place. I also wish that it did not have the sliding keyboard, makes the phone to big. Hope they makes the update available sooner
  • The power button has stopped working completely after 7 days. I have to open the keyboard to get the droid to light up, but I have no way of shutting it down. I'm taking it in for replacement today.
  • Forwarding email attachments from POP3 email addresses is not possible presently. This is a major problem and will be a deal breaker for EVERYONE coming from blackberry land. It is a major problem for me and I expect they will fix this, I just hope this happens SOONER rather than later.
  • For exchange accounts buy Exchange by Touchdown from the market. So much better!! Saved my sanity.
  • The only issue I'm having is trying to get the clock/weather widget to accept my current location. It says location not found when i type it in which is extremely annoying. Shouldn't this super smart google phone be able to tell where I am? Any help would be appreciated
  • This is all starting to sound like the Razr all over again. I talked to numerous reps at Sprint, Verizon and ATT that said the Razr was probably the greatest selling device of all time but had horrible technical and hardware issues. I've had enough Motorola phones in my time to stay away from them for life. I was hoping that Motorola was going to revamp their hardware team as they did with their software team. But from the complaints, it looks like Motorola is still lacking in quality. I'll stick by HTC. They make much more solid products.
  • Mine is the HTC, so i wouldn't assume that it's any better.
  • My droid crashes a few times a day. Just lately it goes completely whacky after a call-the screen starts blinking uncontrollably fast and I cannot press the red end key! Calls are very choppy and sometimes get dropped. I hear echos when on a call and people usually cannot hear me if I put the phone on speaker. The battery life is terrible-barely lasts a day on very minimal use. I did get the free advanced task killer so that I could keep running programs at a minimal in the hopes that the battery life would be better-it is not!! I like the phone, but it does have lots of problems and I switched from a storm 2 because internet on that phone was horrid, now I am stuck with this phone because Verizon only allows you to change the phone once in your 30 day trial!! Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  • i have the droid eris and i have had no problems with my phone but my question is if the eris is gettin the 2.0 update and if im gonna have the same problems with the apps that the moto droid is having.
  • I am having a problem with the screen not turning left when I turn the phone. I returned the Droid and the new one is doing the same thing. Anyoneeone else having this issuue?
  • I have the eris and the audio or the voice turn by turn vavigator don't work at least not no turn by turn it sucks. It is suppost to let me say navigate me to new york! and it will give me voice turn by turn and nope that didn't work not even a beep when the sales rep at Verizon tride it!! HA HA Some of the things just are not what I was told or read. multi touch no navigator that will give you real time. Car home app is only on the moto droid and 2.0 maps app only on 2.0 also. was told that eris will not get 2.0 any time soon and that pissses me off hero gets it and it will run it and the hardware is more stable than MOTO droid. what to do I waited two years so I would not have to go to AT&T
  • Just read on the camera glitch that it had something to do with a date of somekind and that the autofocus problem fixed itself over the air "Currently". A permenent fix is in the Dec 11 update. I tried my camera and now the focus works and the pictures seem to be way better. Can't wait for the updates but my phone seems to work great other then on/off button which I am not sure if its hardware or software glitch. Anyone know? http://www.engadget.com/2009/11/17/motorola-droid-camera-autofocus-fixed...
  • I can not get my charter email to work with the droid. I have gone to verizon and talked with charter. neither places were helpful. I love everything else on the phone.
  • My Droid suggested that I update my task killer software so I did. After I updated the software my phone completely freaked out force closing all programs, and only half of the task killer program icon would show up, so it was hard to even tell what it was. I called Verizon and they had me reset my phone. I pain in the ass, but it fixed the problem. Additionally, my phone had been sending out blank text messages to random contacts in my phone at random times. The text messages are currently being sent out to my most recently messaged contacts. For example, my boyfriend will randomly get a blank text message from me while I am browsing through Facebook and my sister even received one WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH TECH SUPPORT. I called Verizon again and they have suggested that I take the phone in and have it replaced. Another problem I was having in addition to the text messages: My phone would fire up several programs without my consent upon turning the phone on. I would have to go into the task killer and turn them all off manually so they wouldn't kill my battery. I talked to a service tech on the phone for an hour trying to figure out how to disable these programs and they couldn't help me out. I will be taking my phone in for replacement as soon as possible. This is BS.
  • I like the phone but it is driving me nuts!! The biggest issue is me getting yelled at from all my friends and family for my phone randomly texting someone at any given time. I can deal with the sometimes slow paging from one to another on my Eris but the random texts need to stop. Is it my phone or something wrong with an app or what? Should I return it and get a replacement? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  • Pop3 was working great for a couple weeks. Now it works when it wants to. Just like other users said, it started getting flaky by downloading same email over and over again. When I reboot the phone it works for a few minutes. Hard to argue that it isn't android os when my outlook pop3 client has been working all along. Btw, is vz ever going to figure out the voice and data simultanious problem, or is that really a limitation to cdma? Has me missing tmobile.
  • I've had my Droid Eris for less than a week and for the past two days it's been buggy. The phone froze on the lock screen for a good 10 minutes after I ended a call with a friend. I couldn't even turn the phone off! I was ready to go to Verizon and ask what was going on. It hasn't froze recently, but it has been buggy trying to slide down the lock screen.
  • I've had my droid eris for a week now and I am not able to receive texts. I also cannot receive voicemail until I do a battery pull. Anyone got any fixes for my issues? Verizon said they can't figure it out...
  • I am having a problem with notifications. When I get an emai, it does notify me with any sound. I have the settings done correct but it won't work. Took it back to the store yesterday and they gave me a new one. It does the same thing. It notifies me when I get text and when I get an email on my gmail account but it won't notify me when I get an email on my corporate emaIl. This is very frustrating. I love Verizon BUT they always seem to release phones that have problems.
  • I have found a way to bypass all the exchange account crap verizon has. I bought the touchdown application through the android market. Its a third party app that will do your corporate exchange email. For me the best thing is that verizon can't tell you are getting your exchange mail since it doesn't run through them and therefore you don't have to pay the extra 15$ a month. The app is 10$ flat. No monthly bs. You can assign customized notifications. It will vibrate, sound and there is a unique push icon at the top of your screen. You can also control the color of the LED light for that alert. I don't think you can go wrong with it. Extremely easy to setup as well.
  • My Droid Eris shows me as in Portland Oregon on the HTC Clock Widget when I am in Portland, CT. Found another user reporting the same issue from Salem, VA (Salem Oregon according to HTC Eris)
  • What I found to help was to install a few apps at a time then I could remember which app or apps I installed before the problem occurred. Go to settings to applications and unistall the most recently installed apps and stopped have the problem after boot up. It seems it was an app I downloaded that was causing the problem.
  • so this is my first android. how does this update work? do i plug it to my computer? take it to the store? i'm used to the blackberry and it's updated by plugging it onto my computer and using a desktop manager. >_<
  • Well I bought the Droid on the day it came out and because of several "Activity Dialer" errors I am now a former Droid user today because my 30 days up. I even did an exchange in mid Nov because of the clocks not working but also did experience an "Activity Dialer" error once or twice with the first phone. My latest set of problems started Thurs around noon. For the past week and a half everything was working great, except the full version for documents to go which I purchased on Tue but did not complete the download until Thu evening which was after my problems started. Couldn't turn on the camera so I took out the battery and was then able to take pictures. The Power Control widget was not working. And I was not able to dial out. Late Thu afternoon after someone called me was when I was able to dial out again. Friday evening I checked voicemail and then a little while later the "Activity Dialer" error came up and wasn't able to dial out. This problem continued until 10pm Sat nite. I have done several factory resets before and just after I did the exchange in Nov and refused to do a factory reset because I am not going to be doing factory resets once or twice a month for the next 2 years. Well then woke up today around 11am and got the phone. It was showing 8:58am and I couldn't dial out again - "Activity Dialer" error. I showed the Verizon rep the error message and that I couldn't dial out. Now I'm back on my old regular phone and was happy to use the Droid to check stocks and use Etrade when I'm not at a computer. Maybe in Jan I will purchase this again if I do not see other people experiencing this problem and after that update is released.
  • 1st Droid I brought home crashed prob 30 times in the first hour, took it back for exchange, no problems since. Happy with it coming from a voyager which had to close anything your doing to do anything else.
  • My Droid Eris crashes sometimes after speaking to someone. It keeps displaying the screen showing as if I am on call. The screen does not respond , and the buttons also don't.
    Only way to come out of this , is by removing the battery !
    Any fixes, suggestions ????
  • My HTC Sense keeps going to force close when I try to change scene:
    Menu-Settings-Personalize-Scenes. I get "Sorry! The app HTC Sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." Followed by "Force Close". Over and over. Before and after I downloaded Open Home. Everything else works just fine.
  • Eris just updated, NOW it is not working properly. Now to unlock it wants me to touch Menu instead of dragging my finger down the screen, which is no good as this can be all too easily bumped. It also intermittently changes and will pop up that the drag is needed instead of the menu button. It is also locking randomly with no delay in my operation. Very Buggy!
  • Had the same problem. Remove all email accounts and reboot. Then add them back.
  • My eris has lost service twice now, IT would not freeze up but anything that used the phone service to run, would need to force close, it got real annoying. Only thing that fixed it was to factory reset both times. Verizon almost replaced my phone untill the first factory reset worked, but then it happened again a week later. not a huge deal unless you had a ton of apps on your phone, then have to remember which ones you had that you liked.....Not sure the cause, I do have a rubber case, that might be allowing the phone to overheat, but not sure that would cause it or not. Is the new firmware update for the Eris available yet? hopefully that will fix the problems, if anyone has any info please email me @ ken.williams@pencoproducts.com THANKS...
  • i can not delete any messgaes on my droid eris everytime i do it pops up with a sorry! application messages is not responding. how do i delete my messages without that happening?
  • Bought the Eris two weeks ago, had a few issues with the screen freezing for a few seconds or so once in awhile but wasn't concerned cause my iPod Touch also does this. *BUT* I had an emergency phone call to make the other day, and the phone would not unlock! I then tried to shut it down, it shut down after ten minutes of holding the power button (I literally carried it around the house with me). Turned on, took about five minutes to boot then errored out and said no service. This time, would not turn off at all, and I immediately drove to the store I bought it from. The associate took out the battery and explained this was a common problem with Blackberrys and that the Droids would probably be the same way (what??). After that, the phone took ten minutes to restart, and then would not dial out. We dumped the SD card, or tried to, and that would not work either (everything else seemed to). Then we ended up performing a factory reset, which between the reset, and the couple boot times, took about fifteen minutes. I lost all my contacts, apps, etc., but at least the phone worked. I was offered to replace it with any phone in the store, since the associate was told that these phones are tethering-capable but was since informed they are not, and my bill is charging me for the data I can't use! I think I will switch it out, I'd rather have a phone that works without a reset every month.
  • many force closes, especially in Gmail where it returns me to the homescreen. also getting a force close for some HTC process that I can't remember exactly. Eris usually reboots and I have to stare at the HTC logo for about a minute. wasn't doing this before the update. but not sure it it's because of applications I have installed or uninstalled? I feel like I'm using a Windows computer . . .
  • my droid is lagging (running really really slow and pausing) and not just the internet the whole phone is it because i have too many apps or what?
  • My droid eris keeps freezing and turning on every 5-10 min... cant do anything! Definatly planning on going to Verison tomorrow!
  • I love my d Eris , I have had a few freeze / or crashes. One isue I have ,when visiting HGTV.COM DREAM HOME enter form I can not select or navgate their state popup to select my state . I'm thinking is some flash /actionscript thingy not sure , I'm wandering if theres an app or different browser to over come this . I'm am visiting this site from my Eris browser
  • Fixed pop3 email issue, at lease on me droid Change the pop3.gmail.com incoming mail to
    imap.gmail.com and everything started working. leave outgoing mail smtp.gmail.com you will need to your put you own providers information in mine is dslextreme but thy use gmail as there mail provider
  • I found out that uninstalling applications recently downloaded,
    And then powering the phone off and on it fixes the issue of phone crashing I guess some apps on market are not compatible with the eris, every time I install an app I reboot phone to test it, works for me
  • OK, rumors have been flying that the Eris should receive an update by Jan. 22nd, 2010.....is this true. if not........then I love my Eris Droid (Properly Named) and I might just give it up as a decoy. I hate At&t............but I live and work in the city, so I shouldn't have any problems.....but I was really cheering for little Eris Droid to get a well dissevered upgrade.....it surpasses the MOTO-Droid....But what ever. If any one receives anything soon on the Eris let us know.......Thanks guys for all your info and support...Peace.
  • my droid eris keeps saying it has no service for three times and verizon had to keep reseting my phone. verizon wont even replace my phone so every time they reset my phone i lose all my apps and personal stuff.
  • Have owned Droid Eris for 2 weeks. Sold to me knowing I had 2 Verizon email accounts I needed access to. Unable to access Verizon email at all. No one at the Verizon Wireless store in Bethesda MD knew what to do! I finally figured out I could forward both accounts to my gmail account. Delightful? The emails are trickling in with several days delay. Not acceptable. My old cheap LG Voyager was better. Also, Google Maps sucks as a GPS. It locates you within 700 or sometimes 1300 meters! usually on a different street! And of course VZ Navigator is not accessible on a Google phone. Thinkin Blackberry.
  • I have been using two yahoo email accts. on my Driod since I got it in December. But my primary email account is MISSING the option...DELETE ON SERVER, my other email account has this option. It's a huge inconvenience not having this on my primary email account. How can I set it up so that the option WILL even APPEAR? Help Please!
  • I have the android and I would like it if the video mode of the camera would have a light you can only use id during day time I use it a lot at night
  • My Eris' touchscreen dies randomly after phone calls and I have to take the battery out and reset it to use it again.
  • I have had my droid eris since the beginning of dec. and never had any problems until the last week.. it is very slow and freezes up. I was trying to delete some messages and it crashes everytime i try and when calling people it is so slow i end up dialing wrong numbers... i am not sure whats wrong or whats causing the problem, if someone could help me out i would appreciate it.
  • I just picked up the DROID and i can not get charter email to work. Any ideas.
    charter.net is the account. Went to Verizon and no one there knew an thing !
  • My eris kept freezing, and when i was doing something and i would hit the home button it would shut off and restart, and the buttons were lagging and wouldnt work right, and the sesrch button for the internet hardly worked, i took it back to verizon not even a month after i got it and they gave me a new one, it works better but still is kind of slow, ohh and the battery suckkkks, doesnt last long at all, and I know its like that with all the droids, but my husband hads the eris too, and he does way more stuff on his phone than I do on mine, but my battery dies wayyy faster, and i didnt do much on it.. it is a new phone tho, and its going to have a few problems, its a good phone overall...
  • Ohh and I cant set my yahoo email account up, it wont let me, my aol got set up, every time i try to set it up it sayd wrong user name or password...
  • I was trying to listen to music on my Droid Eris, the songs were skipping and cutting out and my phone started to make phone calls on its own, it seems to be more of a problem when I plug in my head phones
  • My camera will not focus at all. I have dine a number of battery pulls and even rest the whole phone deleting all my stuff. I even got the newest update for my Droid yesterday 2.1. So what should I do I really want to take pictures and I might just switch to iPhone unless someone helps me haha
  • yahoo email works just fine on eris for me but there is a little trick that you will need to do for the server type it must be imap. same for the incoming and outgoing servers also the security type should be none try this if it doesnt work look on you tube there is a video that shows the way to get your free yahoo mail on your moto droid or htc eris hope this helped