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Droid 3 dummy units begin to appear at Verizon stores

Dummy units of the Motorola Droid 3 have begun to arrive in stores, hopefully signaling an imminent release. Last we heard, July 14 is the supposed launch date for the newest addition to the Droid family. That day is soon approaching and whether or not it is the correct date, the arrival of dummy units is a positive sign.

The Droid 3 is going to boast:

  • 4-inch qHD screen
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 8MP rear camera with 1080p recording
  • Front-facing camera
  • Five row sliding keyboard

As we continue the recent trend of touchscreen-only phones, the original Droid line stands as a solid option if you still need a physical keyboard. The five-row sliding keyboard is one feature Verizon is highly touting. For all of those who have been waiting for the Droid 3, rest assured, it should be launching soon.

Thanks to you know who!

  • My evo 3d can... Wait... moto who...? Jk, looks good for a slide keyboard 4" phone...
  • If this had an unlocked bootloader.. it'd be my next phone.
  • Do we know for sure that it's locked? I thought Moto announced a while ago that their phones were going to be unlocked from here on out.
  • that was HTC's declaration, even the the EVO 3D & Sensation were both released locked. Moto simply says they'll work on providing an unlockable solution "where Carrier permits"
  • Yes, but I've seen a lot of articles online stating that the D3 would be unlocked. No Moto confirmation, though. I was wondering if anyone has seen definitive word one way or the other - I've been unable to find it anywhere.
  • To bad I got a DROID 2X2 in february. This looks pretty sweet! I just hate blur. I mean the newest version doesn't look too bad but the services SUCK.
  • Can't you just run another home screen manager? Or, am I missing something?
  • 2** preditive texting lol
  • Time to return those DX2s,if you can.
  • When moto realizes that blur sucks and removes it from there devices I will become a loyal customer again. Till then im staying away.
  • when HTC fixes sense and Sammy can figure out updates maybe ill switch. till then MOTO all the way
  • OK ill meet you in the middle. Unlock the bootloader on all devices so we can run whatever rom we would like.
  • I just run a stock launcher over it, who uses Blur anyways.
  • +1 on that. I can't understand when people avoid a phone ONLY because of blur. I think I used blur on my Droid2 just long enough to get familiar with downloading apps (it was my first Android phone), and jumped onto Launcher Pro which I have been using ever since. Getting past blur is one of the easiest things to do. Don't dodge a phone JUST because of that.
  • i think it's more because BLUR is such a resource hog that continues to run in the background it reduces overall performance and occupies system memory. w the Droid3 coming w only 512MB RAM, that would be a legit concern, especially when ICS hits later this yr. Im going to get the Droid3 to upgrade my Droid1, but Im getting a really bad feeling Im going to hate myself, the phone, and Motorola even more come 2012.
  • Agreed, on all points. My ideal phone today: 1) 1GB Ram
    2) Unlocked bootloader
    3) 4G radio
    4) Hardware keyboard The D3 only has one of these things. Why again am I going to buy it? Because there are no other halfway-decent phones on Verizon with a hardware keyboard, and that's my deal-breaker.
  • I'll be wandering into a store on the 14th to play with this. May wander out with one. My OG Droid is getting a bit sad.
  • That 5th row is going to be entirely unusable. But at least they put in a 5th row in the first place.
  • That was always what drove me nuts about Droid keyboards. The top row is set flush up against the base of the screen unit and it makes the keys very hard to press. Maybe it's just the way I tend to hold the phone, but it made the entire keyboard very frustrating.
  • Wow. Never felt that way with my Droid2. All keys seem very easy to reach to me. As for the top row on the D3, I believe it is simply the numbers 1-9 and 0. Personally, I find that awesome. Seems a no-brainer with how often you need to type numbers, but dedicated numbers never seem to make it to a phone qwerty. Dang... if only this thing had LTE I'd be all over it.
  • But the number row buttons are smaller than the rest of the keyboard buttons. That, plus their location so close to the screen, are going to make them useless. And not only useless, but endlessly frustrating, because there's no alternative way to type in numbers on the keyboard with this Droid (no alt or shift numbers are shown in the picture).
  • nope ill pass and see whats out when oct. roll around and my contract up. why? cuz it seems to me that the things that made android so anti icrap are slowly disappearing like stock and keyboard. is it me or you cant get a high end android with all the specs and a keyboard in one place.
    1) out of hundreds of android phones on the market the only vanilla is Nexus 1,nexus s, xperia play(yes stock),g2x but no keyboard. G1,og Droid and the G2 vanilla and keyboard but all old spec wise. idk crazy how after these android out in the wild 7 run stock and 3 stock and keyboard its like all what a lot of us signed up for is becoming a thing of the past
  • You're right, there should be a slideout keyboard Nexus.
  • Sigh...Finally a world phone from Verizon with at least a 4" screen and a FF camera (which I do care about - for video chat w/ my GF when we travel separately), and a physical keyboard. So what's not to like?? How about 512 MB of RAM, and worse - 16 GB of internal memory. And no (micro) SD card slot? Hopefully one day more phone makers will wake up to the fact that one reason that so many people like the iphone is that it is also a really good media player. 16GB (or whatever ends up being available for media) is not enough for my audio collection, let alone much video. (I do use a fair amount of 192Kbps files for audio though.) For me 32GB, is the minimum acceptable amount of storage, and my next phone will likely be a Samsung on an different (non-VZ) carrier, partly due to the availabilty of more storage. Just my $ .02 of course...
  • It has a microSD card slot, just no preinstalled card.
  • Ah, cool - I must have misread the two articles that I read that seemed to state that it did not have the slot. Maybe it was ambigous, and I read it wrong. I'll go back and look.... Thanks for the info / clarification!
  • Why isn't this on AT&T??? Oh, wait, I'ts a Droid(which are only on Verizon) And WOW, Verizon really is upping the game here with the Xperia Play, Incredible 2, Droid X2, Droid 3, etc. Funny thing is, those are all 3G phones... Where is the 4G phone selection Verizon!