If you give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you can count on him (or her!) to take long weekends, wear sunglasses on cloudy days, and find creative excuses why he needs to slip away for an hour or two at random. Fishing is one of those sports that's relaxing and exhilarating at the same time and can change the way you look at life. Whether you're just getting started or a salty old veteran, these Prime Day deals are too good to pass up!

Reelin' them in: Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Staff pick

Made of metal where it counts, having five sealed stainless steel bearings, and using a 100% carbon fiber drag system are the reasons why I've been using Penn reels for about 30 years. For salt or freshwater, you can't go wrong choosing a Penn reel.

$77 at Amazon

Tough as nails: Shakespeare Ugly Stick Elite Spinning Rod

If you love to fish you will break a fishing rod eventually. Delay the inevitable with an Ugly Stick! These rods are tough thanks to a blend of fiberglass and graphite but still sensitive enough to detect the smallest nibble.

$35 at Amazon

Get there in one piece: Plano Telescoping Rod Case

Fishing poles are expensive, and even the toughest models can end up broken when jostling around in the trunk of a car or bed of a truck. Prevent it by protecting up to 7 of them with this adjustable length rod case by Plano.

$44 at Amazon

A life jacket for your gear: Shoreline Fishing Rod Floats

Your fishing poles don't float, and they can't swim back to the boat or pier. Strap one of these Rod Floats to them, so you don't have to break out the scuba gear and retrieve them from Davy Jones.

$8 at Amazon

Stay dry: 3-Pack OPPMART Emergency Raincoat

The fish don't care if it starts to rain but you might. Extend your time on the water by stuffing a couple of these lightweight rain ponchos inside your tackle box, so you aren't as wet as the fish are.

$10 at Amazon

Perfectly basic: Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box

You can buy an enormous tackle system that costs a lot of cash and love it. But there's also a place for a basic utility-style tackle box and this one from Plano is perfect and inexpensive. It's perfectly OK to have more than one!

$12 at Amazon

You light up my life: 6000 Lumen Rechargable Headlight

Stop holding your bait-covered flashlight in your mouth and strap this ZOMG bright headlight to your noggin. You'll be tying all the knots and baiting all the hooks with both hands and so glad you did it.

$24 at Amazon

Everything is wet: 1-Gallon Ziploc Storage Bags

In a world where everything is wet, these Ziploc bags will make sure the things that need to stay dry are happy. Stuff a box of them in your gear bag so your wallet, phone, and anything else that hates the water can stay nice and dry.

$14 at Amazon

For the kids: Freehawk Kids Fishing Combo

It has everything you need to teach a youngster the fine sport of angling. Fishing is even more fun with the kids, and this is a great way to get them started.

$22 at Amazon

Bugout bag: JSHANMEI Fishing Gear Bag

Since you can't drive out on the water, you'll need a way to carry all this gear from the parking lot to the pier or boat ramp. Fishing poles don't fit into a messenger bag very well, and this over-the-shoulder carryall is just what the Doctor ordered.

$18 at Amazon

The right tool for the job: Mossy Oak 4-Piece Fishing Tool Kit

Wanna know a secret? Fishing can be messy, and you really don't want the tools you need while on the water to be stinking up your garage or closet. This kit has the knife, nippers, and pliers you need and will be happy staying in the tackle box.

$24 at Amazon

Have a seat: ENKEEO Folding Camp Chair

Sometimes fishing is all about parking your butt where it's quiet and leaving all your worries at home. You'll need a comfy place to sit that's easy to tote around, and this camping chair has you covered. There are even places to stow your phone and some snacks!

$24 at Amazon

Hook, line, and sinker

Fishing can be an expensive hobby, so finding the right deals on all the gear you need is pretty essential. I think the Penn spinning reel is a must buy unless you already have one, and you really don't know how important a headlight is until you've used one. You'll never go back to a handheld flashlight afterward. I've wasted countless hours with a pole in my hands and hope to waste a whole lot more of them; with deals like these, I'll be doing it with style. Keep your head dry and your line wet and get out there and fish!

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