Doante to charity and earn an Amazon Gift Card for streaming Shark Week

What you need to know

  • Amazon and Discovery Go are teaming up for charity during Shark Week.
  • Amazon will donate $1 to the Oceana Shark Fund for every hour registered users stream in the Discovery GO app on Amazon Fire devices.
  • The first customers to stream 10 hours will earn a $25 credit.

Shark Week is BACK, and we're gonna need a bigger boat for all the terrifying— I mean educational material Discovery has cultivated in over three decades of Shark Weeks. You could stream Shark Week specials every second of Shark Week and still probably not watch it all, and if you do stream Shark Week every second of this week, you could earn a decent amount of money for Oceana's Shark Week Fund.

When you stream Shark Week on the Discovery GO app on a Fire device — like a Fire TV or a Fire Tab — for every hour you stream after registering, Amazon will donate $1 to Oceana. This means that even when you're being a couch potato like me, you can still be doing something good!

To sweeten the pot even more, Amazon has a promotion promising that the first registered users to stream 10 hours will receive a $25 credit for, something that we can always, always find something to spend on, from groceries to clothes to a new TV after you throw the remote at your current TV because that jump scare was NOT. COOL.

So, grab the remote to your Fire TV, click the registration link below, and get on your Daddy Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo...

Register at Amazon

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