Do you plan on getting a Pixel 3 or 3 XL?

It's no surprise by now that Google will be launching two new phones this year — the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3l XL.

The latter of those two phones has been leaked to death, and just yesterday, we saw our first batch of hands-on photos for the former. We have a pretty good idea of what to expect from both handsets now, meaning all we have to do is wait for Google to finally unveil pricing and availability info.

It's safe to say some potential buyers already know which phone will be getting their dollars based on how many leaks we've seen, and looking through the AC forums, people seem to be split down the middle.

Definitely - not an XL, a regular 3.


I'll make it 3 years in a row and pick up a standard Pixel 3, for sure.


I'm planning on getting an XL. Looks pretty impressive from the leaks and my Nexus 6P is getting a bit old

Benjamin Wilkinson

I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the P3XL. No real issues at all with my P2XL but if Google is gonna do the same as last year with 4-450 trade in promos, I'm in. Might not be a day one purchase but I'll be getting it none the less


What about you? Will you be getting the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • The big one. I like the notch.
  • If the notch wasnt so deep I wouldn't mind it having one. It be a heck of alot better if the Pixel 3 XL just had a thinner bezel on top instead.
  • Do tell. What do you like about it?
  • Ugh, the small one. F the Notch
  • Waiting to see more
  • Go big or go home!
  • Nope...just bought the Note 9 because of the hardware specs. I had considered waiting for the Pixel XL then saw it was only going to have 4gig of RAM.
  • My Pixel 2 XL still works fine for me so I'm going to wait until next year to upgrade. If there is a Google Pixel Watch I'll be getting that for sure though.
  • I'm in the same boat, although I'm starting to think there is no Pixel Watch as it seems to be the only piece of technology on the planet that hasn't been leaked yet
  • Yeah I'm worried about that too but maybe it's easier to keep the watches are secret
  • +1
  • Same here! I only want the pixel watch and hopefully it will work with the OG pixel
  • Nope. That's the ugliest smartphone i have seen
  • If the Pixel 3 is 5.5" as per the latest leaks, it will most likely be my next phone. I've been waiting all summer for it and hopefully my aging 3 year old Moto X PE will make it two more months.
  • Yeah, I really like the 3 - should be about the same footprint as the 2 but with half inch bigger screen due to the shrinking bezels... Best of all worlds
  • Definitely the smaller lighter P3
  • Keeping my 2XL and upgrading my wife's original pixel with the pixel 3. I usually upgrade my phone every year but the 2XL is good enough to hold out another year.
  • No, I'm hanging on to my OG Pixel for another year! It can make it.. I'm waiting on 5G 😁
  • Both will be overpriced. I don't like notches. I want a headphone jack. So no Pixel for me.
  • What this guy says
  • I was thinking the Pixel 3 until I saw the size of the battery. I guess I'll hold out to see what kind of optimizing Google has done, but I'm not optimistic. I may end up going for the 6T.
  • Pixel 3 for me, it's basically a smaller version of the 2 XL (bezels on the regular 2 were too big), which I've found to be slightly too big and heavy for me.
  • The notch on the 3XL is too big and the battery on the 3 is too small. I'd still probably opt for the smaller one despite me always going for large screen phones. They're not making it easy
  • Absolutely not.
  • Regular. **** a notch.
  • I've got a first-gen Pixel, so I've been waiting for the upgrade. I'm happy with the smaller size, so I'm sticking with Pixel 3!
  • I've seen no compelling reason to upgrade from my Pixel 2 XL. RAM is the same as the Pixel 3 XL and while I always look for more screen real estate, I don't like the notch in the screen. Snapdragon 845 vs 835 sounds like a debate in technical specs vice everyday operations and I can't imagine an improved camera being dramatically better than the one I already have.
  • +1
  • My Pixel 2 XL is doing very well. The new Pixel 3 XL does look like a small incremental upgrade from the 2 XL. Will I get the 3 XL? Maybe. If they offer a trade in value - that will help with my decision. Next years Qualcomm chip that supposedly will have a dedicated AI chip on board definitely has my attention. The software experience has been great. 👍
  • Nope.
  • Nah, the 4GB ram means the performance upgrade will be negligible compared to the pixel 2. The 3XL also has that butt ugly notch. Small one has too skinny aspect ratio and rounded corners. I'll probably stick with the pixel 2 for another year this time around. However, If Google happens to sell the small one for what it's worth, which is about $499, I may look past the things I don't like and pick one up... maybe... It's definitely not worth spending more than a OnePlus 6 though. I'd never buy the 3XL. It looks horrible. The copycat notch is truly disgusting on several levels.
  • And it's there for absolutely no reason. That's the most disgusting part about it.
  • It's a possibility, but only if it has wireless charging.
  • Both, unironically.
    I'd daily the 3XL fo sho
  • I would say either. The notch is is large because it's 6.7 inch which would be smaller if it was 6.1 or.2. a lot of people are overlooking the fact that the three models will support 600 megahertz from T-Mobile which project fi uses. I know a lot of people with the twos are saying they would be happy with the two but you have to take into consideration the frequencies. I have the pixel one regular and I love it. But that and the two does not support 600 megahertz. I haven't decided until I can actually see both
  • No. I'll consider a pixel when there's a proper dark theme. Until then I don't like Google's view of Android and won't buy their phone, I'm only still using Android at all because there's no legitimate alternative.
  • Either the standard pixel or the new Sony XZ3.
  • Nah. The 4gb of ram, ugly copycat notch, etc doesn't make it seem like a viable upgrade from the 2XL so I'll probably just try to pick a 2XL up on Black Friday..
  • My Nexus 6p is dying and I need to get a new phone. I'm not too impressed with what I've seen of both pixels. Might end up splurging and getting the note 9 or wait for the oneplus 6T.
  • My wife's next phone will be the Pixel 3. Will be a serious upgrade for her from her Moto G3. The phone Motorola forgot about just as they were bought out by Lenovo and has only seen 3-4 updates in it's lifetime!! She has been learning to use many of the tools / features of an Android phone, so it should be a HUGE improvement to the experience(s) she has been missing out on....
  • The small one with out the notch or a OnePlus 6T with the tiny notch. It's going to be a really touch choice.
  • I love my 2XL and I believe Google can do better. Just not in the way of the fkn ugly 3XL. I'll pass (I don't care for the little phone either)
  • Pixel 3! I like big phones but I'm gonna say no to the notch.
  • ^ Good man right here.
  • Pixel 3 if it was like $350.
  • If I get either one of them at all, it will be the regular size Pixel 3, but a too small battery and sticking with 4Gb of RAM are making that very questionable.
  • 3 - I want a slightly smaller phone than my 2 XL and my wife wants the camera from my 2 XL, so it's a win/win.
  • I have the 2xl. It's getting a little too big for me. I'll likely lean towards the 3 but I want camera and battery size specs to finalize my decision.
  • Not getting either one, but out of the two, the regular Pixel 3 looks way better. I like the symmetry of the front. Dual speakers, no notch, bezels small but equal size. Reminds me a bit of my 2014 Moto X.
  • Riding with Pixel 1 till the wheels fall off
  • I will consider a pixel once at&t starts selling them
  • Why? You can get essentially the same financing from Google and throw your AT&T SIM into it. (At least you could for the original Pixels)
  • Very much depends on prices. I'm not impressed by the mediocre battery size, sub par RAM allowance, and if the camera hardware is middle of the road, then I don't see myself committing even if it produces impressive Auto/HDR focussed images as before. The OnePlus 6 is already great, and the upcoming 6T will be a hard proposition to ignore.
  • Excuse my language, but I will abso-frickin'-lutely buy the Pixel 3. Loved the 1 and have the 2 currently. The camera is amazing and doesn't need filters. I frequently get compliments on my pix, especially from iPhone owners (of which I was one for many years). I also think Android Pie is great. But do I need to buy the 3? No, but smartphones are my main vice, and they're much cheaper than sports cars. So that's how I rationalize it.
  • Nah, the notch is too weird for me.
    Just 4 months ago I was left with a conundrum, buy the P-XL2, or wait for the new P-XL3. Right in the middle of last release and new drop. I'm glad I chose not to wait.
  • Pixel 3 if I get one at all.
  • Depends on trade in deals in UK. My P2XL is barely a few months old so it would take a mega offer to allow me to afford a P3XL.
  • Pass this year. Rolling with the Note 9. Specs are weakn on the XL this time.
  • Nope, too expensive. Sticking with my XZ1C. I like having a headphone jack and having excellent battery life...and I only paid $340 for it.
  • Looking to get a 3, not XL. Not excited about big phones. I have the original Pixel and it is a nice solid phone. It's my backup, using Fi. Nothing really wrong with it. It is on the Pie preview. If the Pixel 3 does have wireless charging, it is a done deal for me. I loved my Wireless charging Lumias and my iPhone X. The rumors are spotty on noting wireless charging. Sometimes it is listed, sometimes not. Everyone seems preoccupied with the notch or notchlessness. Plan was to get me the 3 and pass the 1 to the wife, who has a MotoX4 as her Fi backup. I have a feeling though, she'll want the wireless charging too. We are spoiled by it.
  • Absolutely not. I don't want a phone that puts unnecessary notches in the device. If I wanted an iPhone X clone, I'd just pick up an iPhone X instead. I got a 512GB Note9 and I'm super happy with my decision.
  • I'll probably get the Pixel 3 XL, when the price goes down as there's no other phone that interests me although I'm currently happy with my Pixel 2 XL.
  • not in this universe
  • Definitely getting the 2XL Mini.
  • I like a bigger phone. But I do not like notches!!!!! So i'll wait until next year.
  • Doubtful ... I love my Pixel 2XL and it works great! I'll probably keep this until it stops working. Could you imagine if a Pixel note came out? That would be amazing!
  • I will be picking up a 3. Hopefully they have another cool colour like my kinda a blue 2
  • Maybe the regular Pixel, although, my S9 has been pretty much flawless. First Samsung I can say that about.
  • Yeah, really Art! It's the first samsung I would buy too. Even the note 9 does not do it.
  • no, Google Android is years behind Samsung Android experience..... and always will be.. at least Google is blindly copying Samsung features all the time
  • No. Neither of them.