Digital Wellbeing gets 'Focus mode' in latest update to keep you on task

Digital Wellbeing app on a Pixel 3 XL
Digital Wellbeing app on a Pixel 3 XL (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The latest Digital Wellbeing beta update now includes Focus mode.
  • When enabled, it locks you out from using specified apps.
  • You can add a Quick Settings toggle for easy access to it.

Google's Digital Wellbeing suite of tools can be genuinely helpful for monitoring your phone usage to develop a healthier relationship with it, and as part of the 1.0.263 beta update that's rolling out now, it's getting a new feature called "Focus mode."

Focus mode was first shown off during Google I/O 2019, but it's just now making its way to users. To enable it, you can tap the new Focus mode option on the Digital Wellbeing homepage or add a Quick Settings toggle for even easier access.

Once Focus mode is enabled, you'll be prevented from using any specified apps you want blocked during this time. For example, if you're trying to get some work done and want to make sure you aren't distracted, you can choose to block YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram whenever Focus mode is turned on. If you try to open any of these apps during Focus mode time, you'll get a message reminding you that Focus mode is turned on.

Of course, you can hop back into the settings and turn Focus mode off to regain access, but the idea is to give you an extra push during times when you really need to focus on the task at hand.

Again, Focus mode is available now as part of the latest 1.0.263 update that's rolling out to the Digital Wellbeing beta. If you aren't currently part of the beta, you can join it right here. (opens in new tab)

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