Did you get a Galaxy S21 in your preferred color?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
Samsung Galaxy S21 Series (Image credit: Android Central)

Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled the much-anticipated update to its premium Galaxy S series of smartphones, including the small-ish Galaxy S21, the larger Galaxy S21+, and the massive Galaxy S21 Ultra. Any one of these devices can compete for the title of best Android phone in 2021, and each packs a long-lasting battery, gorgeous display, and capable cameras.

One of the most interesting aspects about the S21 line was the design update, incorporating the camera housing into the side rails rather than featuring it as a "bump" on the back. Samsung also introduced several new colors under its Phantom pallete, including Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. However, not every color is available for every model S21, and the color choices per model have left some consumers scratching their heads on which to choose.

Has anyone noticed the color choices isn't consistent across each model? And if you want 256 or 512gb of storage there's even less color choices if any at all. And that it showed on Samsung's website that it will be till later in April before it gets delivered. It's March 2 now. that's a long wait just to have another color. Since they build on order. I'm kind of disappointed by all of...


I recently ordered the 256 ultra and had 3 or 4 color options at the time I ordered. I chose black because it was the only one besides brown that didn't say it would be made to order. After placing the order it said that it wouldn't ship for a week but on the ship date I got a message saying that it would be delayed. I started thinking about it and was like, if it's going to be delayed anyway...


I wonder if that was me and the pink S10 plus I had to wait forever. My husband went through Samsung and hit the white and their was something about 2 trade ins not being able to happen so I went to Best Buy plus I was reading horror stories about trade ins on slick deals. but I know I waited a couple months or longer for my S10 Plus in flamingo pink. My first choice was silver on the ultra...


Now, we want to hear from you — Did you get a Galaxy S21 in your preferred color?

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