Did you buy the Galaxy Buds Plus?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus+
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus+ (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Announced alongside the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Buds+ are the latest and greatest true wireless earbuds that Samsung has to offer in 2020.

Although they lack active noise cancellation (a feature that's becoming more prominent on high-end true wireless buds), the Buds+ still impress with improved sound quality and significantly longer battery life — up to 11 hours of continuous listening time and a total of 22 hours when you factor in the charging case.

Taking a look through the AC forums, some of our members have already jumped aboard the Buds+ bandwagon.

If the original buds vs 65t were any indication, Jabra's are much better if a bit bulkier. With the 75t getting stellar reviews, I assume the same will apply here, but both are going to be great. Jabra's seem to constantly deliver louder volume than Samsung's, though, so would expect the same to be the case for their latest models. I'll get the Buds+ because what else am I going to use the...


I picked up the Buds+ and was just blown away at how good of a seal they create in my ears and how much ambient noise they block out. If course as it's already been started... Not all ears are created equally. "YMMV" I love mine, I use them everyday for working out, they stay in and done seem to irritate my ears.


The good seal to block out ambient noise is mentioned quite a bit and one of the main reasons I decided to try them, I'll rather have a good seal than pay extra for ANC I also think I'll get on better with the touch controls compared to buttons. Arriving tomorrow, I'm dead curious


I have the black Galaxy Buds+ and they are a nice upgrade to the original buds. The ambient sound feature is my favorite upgrade due to fact I hear one sided hearing.


What about you? Did you buy the Galaxy Buds+?

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  • With all this wireless headphones now you would think someone would improve Bluetooth as well🤔🤔🤔
  • BT 5 is a big improvement over BT 4. It'll continue to improve, but it will probably require new hardware in the source device an the headphones. Software improvements can only do so much.
  • I got the Buds+ for free with my S20+ preorder, but I will be selling them right away. I tried the original Buds, and they would become loose in my ear if I smiled or laughed. The lack of water protection is unacceptable as well. Jaybird's Vista buds cost slightly more but are fully waterproof. I prefer the touch interaction on the Buds+, but I settled for the button press on the Vista because I trusted they will last after a gym day or a run.
  • Mine are coming with the S20 Ultra. I'll happily give them a go but the second they fall out when I'm running they'll be retired or given away. I use Aftershokz bone conductors for races and Air Pods for most other runs and apart from the lack of music controls on them I've been very surprised just how good they are
  • Yes, I have them and would compare them favorably to the Air Pods Pro. They fit better and have a great app for Android. Call quality is on par with Apple Air Pods and so is music quality. Tight fit comes close to ANC. Controls on the buds could be better, but for $150 - they're hard to beat.