Dell Streak 7 television ad slides leak out

That Dell tablet that just got its WiFi certification?  It looks like it will be the new Dell Streak 7, and be showing up on your television in a series of commercials.  Engadget got hold of the slides for the commercial script, along with a little Easter egg -- one of them shows a Netflix app, which we knew was coming eventually.  There's a full set of slides at the source link, and they're worth a look.

It's nice to see Dell sticking to the Streak brand, even if this one's going to end up confusing consumers about the OS with the inclusion of a big fat 7 at the end of the name.  Something tells me we'll know more come CES, and in between cold beers we'll find time to tell you.  So Dude, are you getting a Dell? [Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I think its 7inch tablet
  • Looks like this Streak will be... *puts on sunglasses* well done. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • It was only the software that was dodgy on the original streak. Now we have custom ROMs its a great device. I looked at the Galaxy Tab and found no reason to get one because the Streak with 2.2 was perfectly fine, and more mobile.
  • The 5 inch dell streak is great. i upgraded from hd2. To me it is an all in one device: phone, GPS and Tablet. Mine came with 2.2. I think Dell should stick on improving this device. Many critics say it is too big for a phone. I remember when hd2 came out it got the same criticism due to 4.3 screen. Dell getting the same criticism. But those who know perfect build device will love it when they use it.