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Dell Labor Day Sale: Save hundreds on laptops, monitors, and more

Hero shot of Dell XPS 15 on a wooden deck
Hero shot of Dell XPS 15 on a wooden deck (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

Are you ready to save this Labor Day? Thanks to all that's going on in the world, we missed a lot of chances for savings over the summer. Things just weren't dropping in price around the big days like 4th of July or Memorial Day the way they usually do. It feels like someone turned the Deals Release Valve for Labor Day because we're seeing everyone get in on this holiday.

Dell's Labor Day Sale (opens in new tab) is huge and spans the entire Dell store from laptops to monitors to accessories. You'll have to spend a few minutes browsing for your favorite things. We're breaking down some of the best deals in this post, but even then you might find some things that really speak to you on a personal level. So don't be afraid to browse the whole collection.

J.D. Levite has been in the deals game since 2012. He has posted daily deals at Gizmodo, The Wirecutter, The Sweethome, and now for Thrifter. He was there for the first Prime Day and has braved the full force of Black Friday. If you cut him, he bleeds savings. But don't try it for real. That's a metaphor.