This Cyber Monday deal on Sony's 7-inch Android Auto head unit makes your car smarter and your wallet happy

Sony Android Auto head unit
Sony Android Auto head unit (Image credit: Sony)

A lot of new cars come with an Android Auto ready sound system but that didn't use to be the case. Thankfully, companies like Sony offer great after-market head units that can make your car stereo smarter with Android.

This model has all the Android Auto features you love and a bright 7-inch touch screen. You can even connect a dash camera or backup camera right to the display. Best of all, the price is the lowest it's ever been thanks to this Cyber Monday deal.

Sony Android Auto head unit

Sony 7-inch Android Auto In-Dash Receiver | $120 off at Best Buy

Give your car stereo the upgrade it deserves with Sony's 7-inch Android Auto / Apple CarPlay head unit. It has built-in Bluetooth, streams music from your phone, and does everything Android Auto has to offer plus a great Cyber Monday price!

Android is great for more than just your phone, and Android Auto is spectacular for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car.

It's even better when you find a great deal on a head unit that has all the features you need and more. Just plug your phone into this Sony 7-inch Android Auto Receiver and you have access to all your streaming media, GPS and navigation, Google Assistant, and more. It really is like having a car that runs Android.

Another great thing about this Sony unit is that it doubles as an Apple CarPlay receiver if you want to connect an iOS device through its USB port. CarPlay offers the same sort of features for anyone who uses an iPhone so it's always good to have a product that can do double-duty.

You won't find a better deal on this Sony model thanks to its Cyber Monday pricing so now is the right time to buy if you've been wanting a great car upgrade!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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