's new WalletUp app makes sure you get the most out of your purchases

The number of different rewards credit cards out there is astounding, and and Wallaby are hoping to help you manage it with a new app called WalletUp. Tapping into the services of both companies, WalletUp aims to make it simple to choose which credit card to use for each of the purchases you make every day to get the most rewards. Whether you're getting cash back on purchases of gas, travel points on flights or extra coupons from an online store, WalletUp will have you covered

You can let WalletUp track your purchases to get the most tailored results, or just search for retailers manually before you make a purchase. In either case, you'll have the knowledge available to get the most out of your purchases. We all get inundated with every credit card offer imaginable — you might as well make sure you're making the best choice if you choose to pick one up.

Press release: and Wallaby Launch the WalletUp Mobile App to Help Consumers

Extensive Collaboration Between the Two Financial Industry Leaders Results Provides Consumers with a Unique Set of Mobile-enabled Credit Card Resources

Pasadena, Calif. and Austin, Texas (September 25th, 2014)— Wallaby Financial, the leader in mobile and web-based credit card optimization solutions, and, the leading online credit card marketplace, have announced the launch of the WalletUpTM Mobile App. Through the free app, consumers access a comprehensive set of financial resources including a personalized recommendation on which credit card to use at the point of purchase to maximize their rewards.

"So many consumers' wallets are filled with cards with complex rewards programs, it's difficult to know which card to use to earn the most value for each purchase. WalletUp makes it simple" said Jody Farmer, Vice President at

In addition to providing real time recommendations on which credit card to use when making a purchase, users can also access credit card comparison tools and authoritative financial content. WalletUp Mobile also presents users with a clean, intuitive interface that speeds access to CardBaseTM, Wallaby's industry-leading database of more 2,000 credit card programs.

Additional features include tools from to help users understand what card types best fit their needs, such as the "Airline or Low Interest Calculator" and the "Rewards or Low Interest Calculator."

"Developing WalletUp Mobile alongside the team at Wallaby has been a hugely rewarding experience for both teams, and now for our customers." said Farmer. "Our goal of providing consumers with the easiest possible way to maximize their credit card rewards, was the ideal starting point in creating a killer app. By combining the best of the best in financial content, data, algorithms, and interface design we feel we have achieved our mission."

"Through the launch of WalletUp Mobile, credit card users have never been in a better spot to really make the most of their plastic." said Matthew Goldman, CEO of Wallaby. " is the ideal partner to offer such a dynamic and useful tool. Matching content and resources with Wallaby's puts an amazing level of financial capability into the pocket of consumers."

WalletUp Mobile is now available for iPhone and Android free of charge to consumers at

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About Wallaby Financial, Inc.

Wallaby is the leader in credit card data and consumer financial information applications. Powered by CardBaseTM, a proprietary database of more than 2,000 credit card profiles, and Wallaby's unique real-time optimization algorithms, Wallaby's product suite helps consumers to earn more rewards and save more money. Wallaby informs consumers about which card to use when shopping, and helps them find the best credit card to add to their wallets by taking into account rewards, fees, interest rates and more financial data. Wallaby products are available for Web, iPhone, Android, wearables, and more. For more information, please visit Stay connected with Wallaby on Facebook, on Twitter @wallabycard or on Google+.

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