Cover your home in Wi-Fi with the Linksys Velop mesh network 3-pack on sale for $280

Linksys Velop Black
Linksys Velop Black (Image credit: Amazon)

Best Buy has a 3-pack of the black Linksys Velop tri-band mesh networking Wi-Fi system on sale for $279.99 today. As part of the Deals of the Day, this is a very temporary price. The 2-pack version of this system sells for $300 at most retailers, including B&H. The white 3-pack is going for $330 at Best Buy, and that's considered a sale price since it's going for $400 elsewhere. In other words, the 3-pack black version of the system is the best value you're going to find anywhere today.

Knows how to optimize itself for the best Wi-Fi. Has MU-MIMO tech for homes that have lots of devices connecting at once. The Beamforming feature has targeted Wi-Fi for clearer coverage. Covers 6,000 square feet and works with Amazon Alexa.

The traditional Wi-Fi setup is a modem with a router, which distributes a wireless signal as far as it can go. This is a problem if you have your modem setup in a weird spot or you just have a large house. I'm not talking about mansions here. Even a simple townhome with three floors can be a problem for a normal router because it can't fill every floor with solid, strong Wi-Fi. For example, in my home my modem has to be plugged in a certain outlet that puts the router in a weird location. It's strong enough for the major rooms, but I have trouble staying connected to it in my garage or near the front door. That's an issue for things like smart locks and video doorbells.

Mesh networking systems like the Velop make up for that by giving you several satellites you can distribute throughout your home. They all connect together and form a seamless Wi-Fi blanket. Once setup is complete, you'll be able to move around your house and not even notice that your phone is switching from one router to the next.

The Linksys Velop can cover up to 6,000 square feet in Wi-Fi, which is about the equivalent of a 3.5-bedroom home. It uses tri-band connectivity. The Wi-Fi will be strong enough for 4K streaming, playing video games, and more. Plus, it can connect to any existing modem, even one provided by your ISP. The only thing you'll replace is your current router. You can use the Linksys app for easy setup and configuration.

The system includes special features like MU-MIMO technology, which is really important if you have a dozen different devices connected to your network. It also has Beamforming, which gives you clearer coverage with targeted Wi-Fi signals. You can also protect the signal from outside influence with personal encryption and use the parental controls to block specific content.

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