Control your whole home with Lenovo's 10.1-inch smart display now down to $99 at Walmart

Lenovo Smart Display
Lenovo Smart Display (Image credit: Android Central)

Lenovo's 10.1-inch smart display is down to $99 at Walmart. This display normally sells for around $150, which is what you'll find it going for at retailers like B&H and Home Depot. It's actually going for $180 at Best Buy and has sold as high as $200 in the poast. We have only seen it drop this low once this year and that was through a special deal on the Lenovo website, not through a major retailer like today's price drop.

Has Google Assistant built right in. You can stream videos, conduct video calls, or follow a recipe all without lifting a finger. Includes powerful 10W speakers, a Full HD touchscreen, and dual microphones that can hear you even over music.

The 10.1-inch display is not the Lenovo device on sale right now. You can also get the 8-inch smart display for $79. That's down from a street price of $130. And then there's the Lenovo smart clock. This is a much smaller device designed to be mostly a nightstand companion. It does have Google Assistant built in, and it's on sale for $39.99, which is half off its street price and $10 better than other places like Best Buy that also have it on sale.

Our review gave Lenovo's Smart Display four out of five stars along with a "The Best" badge and called it "an outstanding, thoughtful bit of hardware powered by what is quickly becoming the gold standard in audio assistants."

Use that built-in Google Assistant the same way you might use it on any one of Google's other smart devices. Ask about the weather, the traffic, and other things. Thanks to the display, you can also pull up your favorite YouTube videos, radio, and more. View the live feed of a connected smart security camera or baby monitor. The 10-inch HD IPS touchscreen makes it easy to browse apps, the internet, navigate video calls, and other activities. You'll be able to manage your home with the ability to control more than 1,500 smart home devices.

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