Control more stuff with two mini smart plugs on sale for $7

Wish you could turn on that lamp in the corner with your voice? Want to have your coffee ready for you when you wake up? Need just a couple more plugs to finish your ultimate smart home setup? Grab this 2-pack of Wi-Fi mini smart plugs from Cricar for $6.99 with the code 7SI29HKR at Amazon.

These plugs won't require anything special to work with your smart home, which is nice. You don't need a separate hub. They will easily connect to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and from there connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. The plug itself has a manual button to turn it on or off, which can be more convenient sometimes.

The plugs are designed to be compact and lightweight. They have a simple design so they don't look gaudy or out of place in your home. And they don't take up too much space, either. You'll still be able to use the second outlet. The plugs can track power usage of the appliance plugged in thanks to built-in energy monitoring. Use the app to view both real-time data and historical power use. The plugs have all the right certifications, too, so you don't have to worry about things like over-charging or over-heating. Keep your devices, and your home, safe.

You'll be able to use the app to set schedules and timers. Turn your electronics on and off automatically. Have holiday lights come on after dark. Setup routines so the right lights are on when you come home. Wake up to your electronics singing beautiful music to you.

Need an Echo Dot to pair these plugs with? We've got a couple deals going on that will score you one. Grab some Tile Bluetooth trackers with an Echo Dot for $70 or get one for just $9 with Amazon Music Unlimited.

John Levite
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