One of Amazon's daily deals features the Eufy Robovac 11S Max robot vacuum cleaner on sale for $169.99. That's a huge discount compared to the 11S Max's normal price around $250 when sold by Eufy directly, and it's better than the average street price around $220. This deal only works on the black version of the robot vacuum as the white one is still going for around $250.

Great low price

Eufy Robovac 11S Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Has 2000Pa strong suction while maintaining quiet operation. Has a height of 2.85 inches so it can clean under furniture and uses BoostIQ for extra suction when it needs it. Lasts up to 100 minutes and can recharge itself when low.

$169.99 $220.00 $50 off

The 11S Max is one of our favorite Eufy vacuums in 2020, and it's up there because it's one of the most powerful when it comes to suction. The device has 2000Pa suction, which is significantly more than other similarly-priced robot vacuums. Despite the power, it also maintains a super quiet operation and a slim design. The RoboVac needs to be slim, and it's only 2.85-inches thick, so it can fit in tight places including under furniture and chairs. Plus, despite having all that suction, the robot vacuum is smart enough to know how much suction it needs. The BoostIQ technology built in lets it know when to increase the suction, giving it a boost of power to help deep clean carpet or other problems it detects.

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The battery lasts for up to 100 minutes, which is plenty of time to run through its schedule. But even if the RoboVac runs low on the juice, it's smart enough to return to its dock and recharge before continuing whatever job it started.

The top of the 11S Max is covered by an anti-scratch tempered glass so it won't get scuffed up when running near low-hanging furniture. It also has infrared sensors that help it evade obstacles, which means it shouldn't fall down the stairs or get stuck under things it has no business trying to go under.

This is covered by Eufy's 1-year warranty.

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