Google shows off LumaFusion on Chrome OS, but we're still waiting on an Android version

LumaFusion on Chrome OS
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • During a Google I/O session, Google confirmed LumaFusion is coming to Chrome OS.
  • LumaFusion is a popular video editing application that is currently only available on the iPhone and iPad.
  • This comes after LumaFusion for Android tablets was announced alongside the Galaxy Tab S8.

At first glance, it may not have seemed like Google had much to share or provide an update on in the world of Chromebooks. But that’s not entirely true thanks to the company’s new push to create a “Better Together” experience across all devices. 

In the "What’s new in Chrome OS" session, Google provided some insight into the updates that we’ve already seen. These include features such as the updated Phone Hub, along with Steam Alpha on Chromebooks. But during the Apps Spotlight portion of the video, Travis Gorkin, the Engineering Manager for Chrome OS, confirmed that Lumafusion will “soon be available on Chrome OS.”

“Lumafusion, an award-winning video editing app on iOS, has been working closely with Google to create a powerful multi-track video editing experience on Android optimized for large screens in Chrome OS. With Lumafusion, Chrome OS users will be able to process multiple 4K media tracks and access a range of audio and video effects, such as scaling, rotation, chroma keys, transparency, and more.”

Travis Gorkin, Engineering Manager f

During the presentation, a promo video can be seen, showing the user dragging and dropping various sections of media into the main playback line. Edits to the video, including various elements are being added to different slides, along with a playback preview before the file is exported. 

Lumafusion gained a bit more spotlight earlier this year when Samsung announced its Galaxy Tab S8 series. At the time, Samsung confirmed that the video-editing app would first be made available for Galaxy tablets. LumaFusion itself followed up that announcement by confirming the app was still in early beta, and the company still has plans to bring it to Chrome OS. 

Back when the Galaxy Tab S8 was announced, Samsung heavily implied that LumaFusion would first arrive in the Galaxy Store. But at the time of this writing, LumaFusion is still nowhere to be seen outside of a private early beta program.

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