Though the Pixel 5 was just announced, it will still be some time before we see stellar Pixel 5 deals that aren't attached to a carrier offer. If you only have a few hundred dollars to spend on your next device, the Pixel 4 could be a much better option. Right now BackMarket has select Google Pixel 4 devices on sale in refurbished condition starting as low as $359. BackMarket allows you to select the item's condition you want when purchasing, so you can sometimes save a bit by choosing a different condition.

Consider this white Google Pixel 4 for instance. You can pick up the unlocked refurbished device in mint condition for just $369 or save $10 extra by choosing the device in 'very good' condition. With the mint condition device, you'd barely be able to tell a difference between it and a brand new model. BackMarket even includes free U.S. shipping and a one-year warranty with every purchase. This model previously sold for $799 brand new and is currently priced at $637 via Amazon.

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Device Discount

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL (Refurbished)

The best way to score a hefty discount on a Google Pixel device is by buying refurbished! BackMarket has deals on refurbished Pixel 4 devices in mint condition starting at $359 right now. You'll also score free U.S. shipping and a 1-year warranty.

Starting at $359

Those interested in picking up the Google Pixel 4 XL can save quite a bit today as well. BackMarket has this 64GB Google Pixel 4 XL on sale today for as low as $419. This is also a refurbished device though the sale price is on the 'very good' condition rather than mint. This device originally sold for $899 brand new and can now be found at Amazon for $649.

These unlocked devices are suitable for use on GSM carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile. Now that the Pixel 5 is available to pre-order, Google is discontinuing the Pixel 4 so it will be difficult to find brand new models sold in retail stores soon. To learn more about this device, be sure to check out this guide on everything you need to know about the Pixel 4.

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