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Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco, gets a Motorola Xoom

In one of the more bizarre stories of the new year, Chad Johnson (aka Ochocinco) has somehow gotten his hands on a Motorola Xoom. "How?" and "Why?" are questions that may never be answered, but we can assume it has something to do with him being, well, Chad Johnson. But he has been seen promoting Motorola devices before, so it's fairly safe to say he's on the payroll. Still, this would seem to give credence to the rumored Feb. 17 launch date and would would fit nicely with an announcement before the entire U.S. with the upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Until then, the rest of us will just have to sit and wait patiently -- and be jealous. Very, very jealous. [Twitter]

  • Ugh.... figures he would be using that God Awful official Twitter app for Android.
  • What's so "God Awful" about the official Twitter app? It may not have the features that some 3rd party apps offer but it sure isn't "God Awful"... or just "Awful" for that matter.
  • Ummm it is my opinion based on using it over a long period of time and comparing other 3rd party clients. That being said it is God Awful to me and it was my gut reaction to seeing it onthe Xoom. Wait......Why am I trying to explain this to you? Next!
  • If I can just say one thing: If I decide to get a tablet one day, I don't a damn carrier-branded one. That really annoys me.
  • If you're saying you want a Wifi only version then i'm with ya.
  • In with you on WiFi only. I see no reason to pay for a second data plan for a Tablet just to make some cell carrier richer. I don't need a Tablet right now, but I'll be watching to see which one fits my needs if I should need one in the future.
  • I'll third, fourth, and FIIIF! that...
  • Is this Motorola's idea of wit? Giving the first $800 tablet to a guy who's "first name" is "8"?
  • His name is Chad Johnson, later change to ochocinco. Which is "8" "5". Which is his Football number. his first name is not "8".
  • I am aware of all of the information you provided in your comment. Don't take my original comment so literally.
  • I think you may have missed the sarcasm.
  • He's actually going back to 'Johnson'. Said this a few weeks ago.
  • Wow must be a slow day for Android to have to bring that guy into the news.
  • Well not exactly, he does have 1.6 million followers on Twitter and he is in Dallas for the Bowl. This was planned long ago, all the other major sites have picked up the tweet and ran similar stories. So yeah, That Guy like it or not has the attention of us all for the moment. *Kanye Shrug*
  • Um, he isn't Chad Johnson AKA Ochocinco. His name is legally Chad Ochocinco (at least for now). And his first name isn't "8", that would be the first half of his last name. I know the guy is a bit out there, but knowing his name is not that hard. Neither is taking 20 seconds to research it.
  • As mentioned above, he said a few weeks ago that he is changing it back, so depending on the status of that paperwork he may or may not be Ochocinco anymore.
  • Dear Ochocinco, please put ur Xoom on eBay I will buy it.
  • what kind of dumb monkey writes these articles? "In one of the more bizarre stories of the new year, Chad Johnson (aka Ochocinco) has somehow gotten his hands on a Motorola Xoom. "How?" and "Why?" are questions that may never be answered" Euhmmmm wow. You think a multi-million dollar NFL star who PROMOTES MOTOROLA can't get his hands on one 2 weeks in advance? Dear God.
  • Although, the sentiment about the writer wondering why Chad has the XOOM is valid, I think you could have found a nicer way to write that. That said, to add to this, Motorola is having an overall NFL and Superbowl promotion of the XOOM, where many NFL stars at the game will have one, Moto is running a Superbowl commercial, etc. It's a NFL centric promotion early on. So it seems rather obvious why Chad has one to me as well.
  • Yawn. Snore. Huh?
  • First, his legal name is Chad Ochocinco. It has been since 2008. He has the tablet because he is in Dallas at the Super Bowl promoting it for Motorola, just as he was promoting MotoBlur at last year's Super Bowl. He was on the NFL Network set today holding the Xoom and wearing a "Motorola Xoom" t-shirt. There are 5000 media in Dallas this week covering the game and everything that surrounds it. In every interview that he does, he will be wearing that shirt and mention Motorola and the tablet. That is why he gets it early.
  • He gets it early because he is the man, and you are not the man.
  • A little plea from a non-US reader - can we have a little more context when someone totally unknown is mentioned like here? When reading news offline (using good ol' NewsRob) it's a bit frustrating having to wait for reception to find out who this person is!! :-)