Celebrate Black History Month with 'Curated Culture' wallpapers for Pixels

Google Pixel Curated Culture Wallpaper
Google Pixel Curated Culture Wallpaper (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has launched a new collection of wallpapers celebrating Black History Month.
  • The wallpapers were created by Jamaican artist, Melissa Koby, as an expression of the Black experience.
  • "Curated Culture" is available now on Google Pixel smartphones.

Black History Month is upon us, and many companies are taking time to support and pay tribute to Black lives, in both big and small ways. Google has recently doubled down on its pledge to support Black businesses, especially as the impact of the pandemic continues to take its toll. And while more can always be done to support the Black community, not every act has to be a grand gesture, and even small things can have just as strong an impact.

Recently, Google rolled out a new collection of wallpapers available for Google Pixel smartphones that celebrate the Black experience, and they can be downloaded today. Created by Jamaican artist, Melissa Koby, "Curated Culture" is a collection of three beautiful wallpapers that express Black culture through her eyes.

The available wallpapers include Many One People, On the Hill, and Give Flowers, and each features a prominent yellow Sun. They are described as "celebrating different paths and walks of life, finding joy and beauty despite trials, and a tribute to our ancestors' dreams and brighter days."

If you own a Pixel smartphone, you can find the new collection by long-pressing on the home screen and selecting "Styles & wallpapers." If you don't see it yet, you may just have to wait a bit since it's being implemented as a server-side update. You might even be able to pair your new wallpaper with one of the best Pixel 5 cases.

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