Canadians will see Samsung Galaxy S III delayed until June 27

Canadian retailers have been taking preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S III for quite some time now but according to Samsung, the official launch originally set for June 20th in Canada will now happen on June 27th. Why, you ask? Demand for the device according to Samsung Canada who took to Twitter to let their followers know:

Due to unprecedented demand, our launch of GALAXY S III will happen June 27th, rather than June 20th. Thanks for your understanding.

You'll have to excuse us for being a little skeptical here Samsung. Yes, we know you reportedly have over 9 Million global preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S III but that being the case does that mean you allocated the stock elsewhere and now are making Canadians wait? Will this delay also, eventually cause a delay for U.S. customers as well?

Seems kinda like we're not getting the full story here. What? Someone had to say it.

Via: Mobile Syrup

  • Yeah.. Go figure, come June 27 there will be another delay I'm sure.
  • Hope that doesnt mean there will be a delay in the US -_-
  • I would bet this story is exactly as sounds, and is a strategic business move by Samsung. What Samsung is likely doing is getting as many phones inside the US boarders as fast as possible, before Apple convinces a sucker judge to uphold a patent, which probably shouldn't have been issued to begin with. I know nothing of the Canadian patent laws, but I'd venture a guess they are significantly better than the U.S. so Samsung is willing to delay shipments to Canada, to allow a ramp up of U.S. devices. Patents are important and protect great ideas, but our system has allowed them to become corporate weapons to stifle competition. With the ITC ruling android OEMs cannot use Google patent portfolio in their defense against apple, I hope el goog is serious planning to say screw this middle man crap and go directly at apple. P.S. - Some of apple patents are probably legit and fair game, but It's getting old seeing them cry "FRAND" when they want to use someones patent, but when an android OEM wants to license an apple patent they won't play ball and call for a device ban and code change. The patent in question isn't covered by FRAND but the point stands.
  • Better not be delayed in the US
  • What are you gonna do if it is, Richard? Cry, bitch and complain just like when you didn't get 4.0.4 on your "pimp slapping" Verizon Galaxy Nexus as soon as it was released?
  • A delay in the US would be stuuuupid in light of Apple's attempt to get an injunction against this phone. Samsung needs to get this puppy in people's hands pronto. If they delay it, they're basically giving Apple exactly what they wanted from the courts: a delayed launch.
  • That`s what I was thinking too.... Now Apple and it ISheep very happy to hear that.
  • Agreed. HOPE this doesn't lead to any US delays as well. BUT with that said, I don't get how everyone BUT VZW has the GSIII launching in June but VZW says July. Thought Samsung had control this time around. So why the delay? July 9th, and now apparently that's been pushed back a day to July 10th... VZW, UGH!! WTF
  • The Canadian delay could be a way to make sure American orders are more easily filled.
  • The Canadian delay could be a way to make sure American orders are more easily filled.
  • I contacted Samsung and they told me the Canadian delay of the Galaxy S III won't affect the US launch which is still set for Thursday June 21st.
  • 9Million pre-orders and counting! Now that's Android Armageddon! Take them Apples you iPhone fan boys. Siri - when the efff is the iPhone 5 coming? - calculating, calculating hmmm sorry we're to busy working on bulding fly by shootings from the Tom Tom I mean ground up so Google Maps will be all the much sweeter on Android.
  • If Samsung is talking about a world wide shortage of the Galaxy S III then its sold well beyond 9 million preorders!
  • It was 9 million pre orders internationally before they started even taking North American pre orders. Its many more than that now I'm sure.
  • my hate for apple grows!!! sigh... in the end it's only a week.. life is more then buying a new phone.. but that itch in my neck ... can't control it!