Can you use original memory cards with the PlayStation Classic?

Best answer: No. According to Sony, the PlayStation Classic does not support any of the original peripheral hardware, including memory cards. But there are alternatives if you want to use them.

Why can't I use original memory cards?

Unfortunately, the PlayStation Classic does not support the use of peripheral devices, including physical memory cards. Instead, Sony opted to feature a built-in virtual memory card within the mini console. The company has not stated the reasoning for this decision.

Simply put: Original memory cards just aren't compatible.

Why are they useful?

If you're a first-time PlayStation buyer with the PlayStation Classic, the support of original memory cards may not mean much to you. This is more appealing to those who grew up on PlayStation. The original physical memory cards are useful because they allow people to pick up their favorite games right where they left off.

Y'know, assuming your old memory cards still work — and you can still find them — after almost 20 years.

What are my alternatives?

Thankfully, Limited Run Games and Pound Technology have teamed up to sell an HDMI adapter that is compatible with the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2. With this HDMI adapter, going on sale in November, your decades-old console can be plugged into modern televisions with no hassle at all, meaning you can still use all of your original memory cards this way and play games upscaled to 720p.

You can pick up a used PlayStation One from Amazon for just around $50 if you don't have your original system. Even with the additional $30 on top of that for the HDMI adapter, you're still playing less than if you were to go out and purchase a PlayStation Classic for $100.

Jennifer Locke
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