Can you use a Galaxy Note S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Best answer: Yes, you can use the Galaxy Note S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S7. However, there are some limitations.

The Note S Pen works for most things

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Samsung already includes an S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus, but what if you already own a Galaxy Note smartphone? Can you use the Note S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7? It shouldn't come as any surprise that your new Note 20's S Pen will work with one of the best Android tablets.

When you try to look through Samsung's FAQ about the S Pen for the Note 20, you'll find that this isn't designed to work with anything other than the Note 20. However, since the general technology is the same between the Note S Pen and the one included with the Tab S7, the Note S Pen will work. That means you'll be able to jot down some notes, interact with your favorite apps, and even scroll through webpages with Samsung Internet.

Running into limitations


Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

You can't use it for everything, unfortunately. You'll begin running into problems if you want to try and take advantage of Air Actions. These are the new gesture controls that Samsung introduced with the Note 20. This may be a deal-breaker for some, especially if you planned on trying to take advantage of controlling your Galaxy Tab S7 with the Note S Pen.

Since the S Pen is so versatile, Samsung integrated a quick way for users to access various features throughout shortcuts. Tapping the button on the side of the S Pen on either your Note 20 or Tab S7 will reveal the S Pen's overview screen. From here, you can create a note, write on your screen, or create a Live Message. Although you can't use the gestures from the Note S Pen, you will be able to access this additional panel.

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