Buy Razer's Huntsman gaming keyboard for $130 and get the Viper wired mouse absolutely free

Razer Viper Shot
Razer Viper Shot (Image credit: Amazon)

Best Buy has a unique deal from Razer right now. Buy the Huntsman Tournament Edition wired gaming keyboard at its regular price of $129.99 and you'll get the Razer Viper wired optical gaming mouse completely free. The Viper is one of Razer's best mice (I'm actually using it right now!) and it regularly sells for around $80. That's huge value for no extra charge.

Keyboard includes anti-ghosting and 10-key rollover, on-board memory, linear optical switches, RGB lighting, and a detachable USB-C cable. The mouse is ambidextrous with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor and on-the-fly adjustments with RGB lighting.

This is the Tournament Edition of the Huntsman keyboard, which means it's designed for travel, durability, and competitive speeds. The tenkeyless design not only makes it compact so it's easy to take with you, but the size also means you can keep your hands closer together for more responsive and quick-thinking plays while gaming. It's also designed to be ergonomic and comfortable on your wrists so you can play for a long time without straining your hands.

The keyboard has anti-ghosting and 10-key rollover, which means no matter how fast you're hitting the keys the keyboard won't forget your commands. You can hit up to 10 keys in quick succession and have all of them go through.

The RGB lighting gives you access to millions of color combinations and a whole bunch of dynamic lighting effects. You can customize the lights however you want. Plus you can create your own commands using the Razer Synapse 3 software. With the keyboard's on-board memory you can store up to five different profiles that feature completely different commands and lighting, too.

As for durability, the keyboard uses an aluminum top plate. This adds to the sturdiness and keeps it smooth to the touch. Plus it has a detachable USB-C cable. The keyboard is plug and play so you just have to wire in and go, and the secure lach ensures the cable stays connected even if you move around during gameplay.

The Razer Viper weighs only 69G, which is why it's called ultralight. That low weight gives you so much more control over the mouse as you use it, letting you increase your precision. It also uses an adjustable 16K DPI sensor, which is perfect for serious gamers.

You'll also find this mouse uses a new sort of Razer technology in the buttons. The optical mouse switches use light beam based actuation so you can literally register your clicks at the speed of light. There's no hesitation in these buttons, so you get the ultimate response time to every action you take.

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