Blogger teases time with Samsung i9100, MotoTab

You know how bloggers are -- gotta take us all with a grain of salt (and some of us more than others). But when Mobile-Review's Eldar Murtazin teases that he's seen something, chances are better than average that he's actually laid eyes on the unicorn. And that brings us to a couple of recent tweets. First was the one where he he mentioned playing with the Sony Ericsson Anzo and Samsung Galaxy 2 (or Galaxy s) i9100. An a tweet today says that Motorola's working on a 7-inch "Motopad" that will be the first to sport Honeycomb, which is believed to be Android 3.0.

Tweets -- even from Eldar -- are still usually a ways form us mere mortals having devices in-hand, so we'll see. [Twitter 1, 2]

Phil Nickinson