Cyber Monday's Best Smart Garage Door Opener Deals: Meross, Chamberlain, & more

iSmartGate Pro installed to garage door opener
iSmartGate Pro installed to garage door opener (Image credit: Android Central)

Garage doors are dumb. They open and close and open and close and... you get the idea. But they're also essential to keeping your car (or junk) safe, and with the advent of smart garage door openers, they become even more useful. Not only can you open and close the door remotely (shoot, I left it open and I'm already at work!) but you can let delivery people into a neutral spot without worrying that they're going to have access to the rest of the house.

Do you need a smart garage door opener? Of course, you don't need one, but oh my goodness wouldn't your life be better with that kind of automation? I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated because the signal on my garage door clicker in my car wouldn't connect, or the battery in the remote died, and I had to get out of my car and open it manually LIKE AN ANIMAL. So no, you don't need one, but you'll be so much happier once you get one.

Most of the smart garage door openers on the market are easy enough for the average weekend warrior to install, but if you don't feel up to that, you can get someone to put it in for you without breaking the bank (especially with all the money you'll save on these deals!). When you buy through these links at Amazon, you can add expert installation to your purchase. BAM! Done and done.

Smart garage door openers aren't advertised in a lot of Cyber Monday sales, but all the major ones dropped in price for last year's Cyber Monday and even Prime Day just a couple weeks ago. We've got a roundup of some of the top choices and the prices we expect them to drop to, even if those deals aren't live just yet.

Cyber Monday's best smart garage door opener deals:

The smart garage door openers on this list have extensive compatibility with hundreds of models and manufacturers. The Chamberlin MyQ-G0301 works with all major garage door openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors, and the meross opener is compatible with hundreds of models, though some may require additional accessories. We recommend that you check these compatibility guides before purchasing, but chances are if your garage door opener was made in the last 20 years or so, you should be covered here.

The deals above are just predictions right now. We don't necessarily know these garage door openers will drop this low, but it's a safe bet they'll at least drop from the current street prices. Keep an eye out for the latest Cyber Monday savings and follow Thrifter on Twitter for all the best ways to save this year.

Daniel Bader

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