Best Wireless Charging Pads for Galaxy S8 Android Central 2020

If you're using a Samsung Galaxy S8 and haven't taken advantage of its wireless charging capabilities, what have you been waiting for? Wireless charging allows you to forgo dealing with cables and have your phone charging on your desk at work or nightstand at home and simply grab it when it's time to get up and go. There's a good variety of styles compatible with the Galaxy S8 and here are the best available options.

Fast and stylish: Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad

Staff pick

Made by Samsung, this convertible charging pad/stand hides all the charging tech in a stylishly designed casing that has a leather-like look and feel.

$58 at Amazon

Cheap and cheerful: Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger pad

Budget pick

For the same fast charging speeds in a less-expensive (and smaller) package, look for Samsung's last-generation flat wireless charging pad.

From $21 at Amazon

Oustanding value: Seneo charging stand

Seneo's stand has two charging coils, can handle phones that have cases up to 4mm thick, an LED indicator, and built-in protection.

From $17 at Amazon

Most Refined: iOttie iON Wireless Mini Fast Charger Qi Charging Pad

This is a wireless charging pad that doesn't look like a cheap disc of plastic, so you'll be happy to have this prominently placed in your office or living room.

From $23 at Amazon

Looks like a UFO: Anker 10W Wireless Charger

Anker is a trusted brand for charging accessories, and it's charging pad is slim and fast charging when paired with a 10W wall adapter.

$30 at Amazon

Better in black: Anker PowerWave charging stand

The PowerWave is a no-frills charging stand. You'll need a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, which isn't included, but the stand does ship with a 6 foot cable.

From $30 at Amazon

Wireless charging is where it's at

Wireless charging becomes that much more of a useful feature the older your phone gets as the battery life naturally slows down. Instead of fussing about with cables, with the right charging pad for your workstation or bedside table you can simply put your phone down and know that it'll be fully charged when you pick it back up.

As you can see you've got some solid options no matter your budget. If the price is no object for you, the Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad is the best option that's made by Samsung itself.

For a sleek and stylish option, check out the Anker 10W Wireless Charger which looks great but might not be the best option for your bedroom given the prominence of the glowing LEDs — but if you do snag it you'll also want to pick up an Anker Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger to go with it.

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