Best Waterproof Cases for Galaxy Note 9 in 2022

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a big, beautiful phone with IP68 water resistance — meaning it is completely protected against dust "ingress" and it can withstand being in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes — but it is not invincible. For those who work in areas with lots of particulate matter blowing around, or spend a lot of time near the water, grabbing a water-resistant case can help you avoid damaging that powerhouse in your pocket, especially in regards to keeping your Note 9's precious ports protected.

Seals, films, and flaps: What makes a case water resistant

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All of the water resistant cases included here include built-in screen protectors, protective films over the fingerprint and rear camera sensors, and rubberized flaps that cover and seal the ports on the bottom of the phone. The seal these flaps make can degrade over time, which is why these cases all support wireless charging too. Qi charging allows you to charge your phone without opening and closing the flaps multiple times a day, prolonging the life of your waterproof case.

I'm partial to the neon accent options on the Fanstrek water-resistant case, but the allure of a licensed case with an awesome Marvel design like the Skinit Captain America case is hard to deny.

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