Best Wallet Cases for Moto G6 Android Central 2020

The Moto G6 isn't a particularly large phone, but when you compare it to the 4-inch smartphones of yesteryear, it's still fairly sizable, and that means it's gonna weigh your pants or bag down if you carry it along with your wallet and other goods. Cut down on your carry as a whole and pick up a wallet case for your G6 — these are the best you can buy.

Luxurious 'leather': icarercase PU leather wallet case

This case is made of polyurethane, so it may not be real leather, but it definitely looks and feels the part. It has three card slots on the inside, as well as a cash pocket, and the front cover becomes a kickstand for hands-free viewing. The front cover is also magnetic, and it has a streamlined look without a clasp.

$13 at Amazon

Extra card slot: Arae PU leather wallet case

It's hard to come by wallet cases for budget phones that have more than three card slots, so this four-slot case from Arae is a diamond in the rough. It also has a cash pocket and comes with a detachable lanyard for easier carrying. Your Moto G6 is held in place by a TPU bumper, and the front cover also folds into a kickstand.

$11 at Amazon

Pretty in purple: LK PU leather wallet case

This case from LK comes in purple, rose gold, and black, and has three card slots and a cash pocket inside the front cover. It features a magnetic closure, and a hard bumper to hold your phone in place.

$10 at Amazon

Fabulous fabric: Kwmobile wallet case

If you're not a fan of the leather look, this fabric-covered case might be up your alley. It has a texture like denim and comes in red, black, or gray. There are other colors, but they have the PU leather finish of other wallet cases. This one has three card slots and a cash pocket, as well as a magnetic front closure.

$12 at Amazon

Cute AF: Galoby wallet case

If you want a cute little elephant on your phone case or a couple adorable sloths or some cool mandalas or funky leopard print, then go with what Galoby has to offer. There are 14 designs to choose from, and they're only $8 apiece, so you can grab a couple and switch it up now and then.

$8 at Amazon

Ol' reliable: Tauri PU leather wallet case

Tauri's Moto G6 wallet case has three card slots and a cash pocket, and it's about everything you'd expect from a "classic" wallet case. There's a magnetic flap to close it up, your Moto G6 sits in a TPU bumper for protection, and the cover folds into a kickstand.

$10 at Amazon

Pretty and rad: Lacass wallet case

This one comes out of left field a little. There are pretty options, in several colors, or with an etched design, which are perfect if you want an understated but still kind of cutesy case. Then there are two options that look like dragon skin, which are unusual, but also cool as hell. The dragon skin comes in all-black or a wicked two-tone red and black option.

$9 at Amazon

One-card wonder: DLHLLC wallet case

If you only want to carry your ID with you or a single credit card, then this is the case for you. It has one card slot inside the front cover, and the outer material is a sort of vinyl fabric. It comes in black, teal, gold, gray, or red.

$12 at Amazon

If your pockets are weighed down by your Moto G6 and your wallet, combine the two with an awesome wallet case. icarercases's is the simplest solution, but if you want some flair, I definitely recommend what Galoby is toting.

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