Best Wallet Cases for Moto G6 Android Central 2022

The Moto G6 isn't a particularly large phone, but when you compare it to the 4-inch smartphones of yesteryear, it's still fairly sizable, and that means it's gonna weigh your pants or bag down if you carry it along with your wallet and other goods. Cut down on your carry as a whole and pick up a wallet case for your G6 — these are the best you can buy.

icarercase Wallet Moto G6 Render

Luxurious 'leather': icarercase PU leather Wallet Case

Staff Pick

This case may not be real leather, but it definitely looks and feels the part. It has three card slots on the inside, as well as a cash pocket, and the front cover becomes a kickstand for hands-free viewing. The front cover is also magnetic, and it has a streamlined look without a clasp.

$16 at Amazon
LFDZ RFID Blocking Wallet Moto G6 Render

Protect yourself: LFDZ RFID Blocking Wallet Case

In addition to providing three card slots and a pocket for some cash, the LFDZ Wallet Case has another trick. There's a built-in RFID blocker, keeping your precious credit card information out of the hands of the bad guys.

$14 at Amazon
Arae Moto G6 Wallet Case Render

Extra card slot: Arae PU Leather Wallet Case

It's hard to come by wallet cases for budget phones that have more than three card slots, so this four-slot case from Arae is a diamond in the rough. It also has a cash pocket and comes with a detachable lanyard for easier carrying. Your Moto G6 is held in place by a TPU bumper, and the front cover also folds into a kickstand.

$10 at Amazon
Kwmobile Fabric Moto G6 Wallet Render

Fabulous fabric: Kwmobile Fabric Wallet Case

If you're not a fan of the leather look, this fabric-covered case might be up your alley. It has a texture like denim and comes in red, black, or gray. There are other colors, but they have the PU leather finish of other wallet cases. This one has three card slots and a cash pocket, as well as a magnetic front closure.

$12 at Amazon
Mulbess Folio Wallet Moto G6 Render

Simplistic beauty: Mulbess Folio Leather Phone Cover

The Mulbess Folio Cover doesn't do anything flashy, or have any extra features. Instead, it offers a no-nonsense design, along with a magnetic flap and the ability to prop your phone up when it's time to sit back and relax.

$13 at Amazon
Tekcoo PU Leather Wallet Moto G6 Render

Two-in-one: Tekcoo Detachable Wallet Case

In addition to coming in an awesome Hot Pink color option, the Tekcoo Wallet Case can house as many as 11 different cards. That may add a bit too much bulk to carry all the time, so Tekcoo included the ability to detach your phone from the wallet, giving you two cases in one.

RUIHUI Leather Wallet Moto G6 Render

Gets it done: RUIHUI Leather Folding Flip Case

Sometimes you just want a leather case that gets the job done with just a little bit of flash. Thanks to the red color here, that's exactly what you'll get to go along with the multiple card slots and a pocket for cash or receipts.

$10 at Amazon
MEUPZZK Sunflower Wallet Moto G6 Render

Beautiful like a sunflower: MEUPZZK Embossed Leather Wallet Case

MEUPZZK offers almost 20 different styles to choose from, but our favorite is the Sunflower Embossed Wallet Case. The company includes a removable wrist strap and provides multiple layers of protection against potential drops.

$12 at Amazon
MagicSky Wallet Case Moto G6 Render

Multiple layers: MagicSky Flip Folio

MagicSky's Flip Folio case comes in five different patterns, while including a wrist strap, and the ability to hold three cards and some cash. The flap folds around from the back to the front to keep your phone closed up when it needs to be, along with keeping your cards where they belong.

$9 at Amazon

Add some function to your phone

The Moto G6 is still quite capable for many, as this budget-minded phone continues to make its rounds. For those who are looking for more of a basic wallet case that just gets the job done, then you can't go wrong with the icarercase PU leather Wallet Case. There are a couple of colors to choose from, and three card slots to go with the built-in pocket for some cash, business cards, or receipts.

Our second favorite option is the LFDZ RFID Blocking Wallet Case for one pretty obvious reason. There aren't many wallet cases out there that will protect your phone and have the necessary protection for your cards and IDs. Thanks to the built-in RFID layer, the LFDZ Wallet Case lets you leave the old wallet behind, and keeps your credit card information safe from falling into the wrong hands.

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