Best USB microphones for laptops & Chromebooks 2024

When choosing between the best USB microphones for Chromebooks — or really for any laptop — you want something that will plug and play, no drivers are required. Chromebooks are more capable and have better support than in the past, but the path of least resistance is to find a mic that handles audio processing on its own, without relying on ChromeOS or your CPU. Thankfully there are several USB mics that let you record on the most lightweight of laptops.

Testing, testing! These are the best USB microphones for your Chromebook

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Best USB Microphones for Chromebook: Shop for your sound

Chromebooks like the Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook are great machines, though they're sometimes limited in their feature set and can be made better by adding some accessories for your Chromebook. Unlike Windows and Mac, Chromebooks are limited in how well they can integrate USB mics. Plug-and-play is great, but you will need third-party software to record any content, which you may find on the Play Store. With many of us now working from home, the need for good audio equipment is more important than ever, especially with video conferencing becoming one of the key ways we communicate.

If you want a mic that'll work with the best Chromebooks in most situations, the Blue Yeti is the most versatile of the bunch. It can capture excellent quality and offers four different pickup patterns that make it easier to use with multiple people at the same time.

Otherwise, your choice of the best USB microphone for your Chromebook comes down to its intended purpose and your budget. To start your gaming streaming career, the Tonor USB Gaming Microphone provides solid quality and filtering at an affordable price. Musicians, meanwhile, need to pay a premium for a USB mic that can record 24-bit/96kHz audio and switch between compression settings to best capture your vocals or instrument; and for that level of studio-like excellence at home, the Apogee Hypemic has few peers.

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