Best TCL 10L screen protectors 2022

TCL 10L back
TCL 10L back (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Unlike its brother the TCL 10 Pro, the TCL 10L features a design that's a bit more unimaginative but is extremely affordable. The device stacks up nicely when compared to the Moto G Power but falls flat if you want a lot of performance. What TCL did with the 10L is integrate some pretty nifty display technology and features to produce one of the best displays on a budget phone. So if you want to grab one, make sure you also grab the best TCL 10L screen protectors to go with it.

Protect your display with the best TCL 10L screen protectors

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Getting the best TCL 10L screen protectors is one of the most important things you can do in general, and not just for this phone. That's why we always see new options from Supershieldz whenever a new phone hits the market, including the 10L. With this three-pack from Supershieldz, you'll always have a back up ready to go in the event that you scratch up or crack the first one you install. Plus, the 2.5D rounded edges ensure that the screen protector blends right into the edge of your phone for a smooth experience.

Nobody likes a snoop, and that's why many opt for a privacy screen protector whenever they pick up a new phone. These aren't available for every new phone, but for a phone that contends amongst the best cheap Android phones, it makes sense to see the Anbzsign Privacy Screen Protector made available for the TCL 10L. The company includes two screen protectors in the box, both of which protect against prying eyes and sweat or oil residue with the different coatings.

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