Best streaming video apps for Huawei MediaPad

There are a ton of apps out there for watching videos on your tablet, but not all of them are great. Some don't look nice on larger screens, while others take advantage of the larger space to give you lots of options. It's not always obvious which is which though, so we've assembled this handy guide.

With your Huawei MediaPad in hand, check out these apps for maximum fun!

Movies Anywhere

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While you certainly can buy all your digital movies from one place, not everyone does. Sometimes that DVD you picked up comes with a Vudu code, which can be weird if you've never felt the urge to use that service before. Movies Anywhere gives you a way to bring together a ton of movies from all of the different purchase and code apps into a single place. It's also a really nice app, which is cool.

Movies Anywhere will pull movies from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and others into a single place. It will show you when new movies are available to purchase, so if you're moving from an iPad or a Kindle Fire you are still able to buy movies from those sources if you prefer.

Download: Movies Anywhere (free, in-app purchases)


If you've never had a Netflix account before, or you let it lapse because you couldn't find anything you wanted to watch, now is the time to check it out. Netflix has spent a ton of money on new shows that can only be seen on Netflix, and almost all of them are examples of some of the best television you can watch today. On top of that, the app is built for tablets so you can quickly find things you want to watch and add them to your queue.

You still need to pay a monthly subscription to use Netflix, but if you're looking for a lot of amazing things to watch and would prefer to not pay for each individual episode of movie this is still the best option out there.

Download: Netflix (free, subscription)

YouTube TV

Everyone knows about YouTube, and you've already got that app on your tablet, but are you familiar with YouTube TV? This app gives you access to live streaming television just like you would have if you were at home in front of the TV. You can set a Cloud DVR to record shows for you and watch them anywhere, or wait until you have a WiFi connection and enjoy something live.

YouTube TV isn't available everywhere just yet, but for those with access to it you are opening a door to all the TV you can watch for a very low monthly fee.

Download: YouTube TV (free, subscription)


It took HBO long enough to make it possible for people to pay for its service without having a big cable package, but now that its here you really should take advantage of it. HBO Now gives you access to the full HBO library, which includes shows as soon as they finish airing on television and a massive selection of great movies.

There's nothing live here, but it's the closest thing you'll get without paying for HBO through a cable provider.

Download: HBO Now (free)


The original streaming Video On Demand app is still one of the best ways to watch TV from your tablet. Hulu is built to take in what you watch and recommend tons of new things you might never have discovered before, and the app itself is easily one of the nicest looking tablet experiences you can get today.

Outside of watching TV live, Hulu remains one of the best ways to catch your favorite shows when you're not in the living room.

Download: Hulu (free)

What are some of your favorite video streaming apps? Sound off in the comments!

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